* Abundant in nutrients from the tree

* removes excess sebum and impurities

* soothes irritated skin

* cares for enlarged pores that produce excess sebum

* Seaweed extract soothes and moisturizes skin as it is full of vitamin A

* Applies smoothly

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How to:

It is recommended to use at least once a week.

Purified water, kaolin, propanediol, glycerin, caprylic glyceride, pentylene glycol, cetearyl olivate, sorbitan caprylate, allatoin, seaweed extract, hizikia fusiformis extract, algae oligosaccharides, sargassum fulvellum, rosewood oil, vanilla flower oil.
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Quick dry skin feedback: I have been trying this and really appreciate that it doesn't make my skin feel dried out after use, like many clay masks do.