This mascara curls lashes from root to tip with an ultra slim brush and triangular bristles for a long lash look. A Memory Curling Polymer keeps lashes curled and lifted, and a long-lasting formula prevents flakes and smudging.

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Starting from the root, coat lashes to the tip in a continuous back-and-forth motion.

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As Korea’s first and best natural beauty roadshop brand, founded in 2000, Innisfree truly is dedicated to natural ingredients and eco-friendly beauty. Their affordable, effective products, like their It’s Real Squeeze sheet masks and Green Tea Seed Serum, make this brand a favorite among Koreans and non-Koreans alike. In addition to a commitment to utilize 70% natural ingredients in their products, most of which are indigenous to the pristine, lush eco-system of Korea’s Jeju Island (their lab is located in their green tea farm in Jeju), Innisfree strives to reduce their carbon emissions, use environmentally friendly packaging, and donate 1% of their profits to the local community.

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This is my absolute favourite mascara EVER! nice small brush allows me to get right in close to the root of my lashes without the fear of accidentally stabbing myself in the eye (which is almost a ritual every time I get a new mascara haha). The formula is lovely and doesn't clump or transfer from top to bottom lashes when you blink. Would highly recommend to those looking to 'lengthen' or just have a subtle 'barely there' make-up look :)