Bloody hell, this highly-pigmented oil lip tint gives vampires a run for their money. Made with a moisturizing formula with baobab seed, borage, argan, olive, and avocado oils, the lip tint provides a non-sticky and intensely hydrating layer of vibrant, long-lasting red and pink hues. Shake the bottle to blend the tint and oil layers for a natural gradation, or use the separated layers to create a soft-tinted look.

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For vampire-inspired, blood-stained lips, shake the lip oil well to blend. Apply the formula, starting at the center of your lips and moving outwards to create a gradation. For a more natural finish, don’t shake the lip oil. Instead, use the applicator to apply the separated oil formula, and gently dab onto your lips for a sheer layer.

Key ingredients: baobab seed oil, borage oil, avocado oil, olive oil, argan oil

Founded in 2010, Holika Holika is a fun, trendy beauty brand that offers unique products for both men and women at affordable price points. From their Pig-nose blackhead mask to egg soaps that come in egg cartons, the good-time makeup and skincare brand also features more sophisticated offerings for the more serious skincare addict. Derived from the suffix “-holic,” Holika Holika is all about feeding your addiction — your addiction to looking good, that is.

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