• You may have seen it all over social media
• Global hot item!
• Mask creates gentle bubbles
• Made with charcoal, mudpack/clay, and luxurious carbonic acid
• Cleanses deep within pores
• Texture like whipped cream
• One step care made with green tea extract, charcoal powder, lavender extract
• Perfect pore cleanser
• Applies on like regular pack, then bubbles start to form

Watch how some K-beauty daddies do this bubbling clay mask:

How to:

Apply the mask evenly to your face. Within 5 minutes, you’ll see bubbles start to form. Gently wipe away bubbles. Massage water onto face to loosen mud pack, then cleanse thoroughly with warm water.

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Coming soon!

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Fun mask to have and have in rotation like other users mentioned it is easier to use before showering cause it makes taking off a lot easier.

This is a fun product. I use it after my oil and before a chemical exfoliation since it is a gentle cleanse for my skin.

In all honesty this is more of a fun gimmicky product. I don't find it reduces pores or decongests, but its fun to use and it leaves my skin feeling clean. I always use this before oil cleansing.

A MUST for anyone your want to introduce to kbeauty! No mask is more fun to slap on your friends/family and watch as they grow a bubble beard! I like to use a scrubbing cloth from Daiso to really work it in after the bubbles have fully formed and its ready to wash off....so fabulous for a night routine!

Daiso, the international reference ;p

Definitely a very fun product. It is far less stripping than other clay masks I've used, but it can be a little difficult to rinse off. It's easiest to use it before oil cleansing.

This product is definitely fun. Who doesn't like bubbles!
I find it best to use just before a shower, makes washing it off much easier.
However I can't say this has done anything much for me.

Love the bubbles especially the part where you can pop them!

Definitely is more skincaretainment than a result driven clay mask. It has a pretty strong artificial floral fragrance and takes a lot of work to rinse clean.

I like the word Skincaretainment :)
We all need some fun in life, it's cool to have beauty and fun together every now and then ;p Beauty should be fun! (but good.. hehe)

This mask is not only super fun, it's good at helping with my oily skin! It's a bit drying even WITH my oily skin, but I feel that it does help zap any blemishes coming up, and reduces the size of my pores for a bit. Also the bubbling is a lot of fun, I like to see how much like a cloud I start to look! This mask also takes a little bit of extra effort to rinse off, I recommend using it before a shower and making life easy when it comes to rinsing off.