High gloss rich pearl and Silicone Coated Rearl Pigments give high fit and vivid color.
: Sebum control powder maintains long lasting color.
: Diffused reflection shimmering pearl which shines differently according to the direction of light gives gloss.
: Sparkling pearl with different sizes of particles giving intense shine like a diamond gives mysterious and rich shine.
: As it is stabilized for an impact, it doesn’t get cracked easily nor fly powder.

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Apply appropriate amount around eye area.

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First made popular by a well-known Korean blogger, this makeup brand launched in 1996 with a makeup palette featuring three foundations and 15 eyeshadows, with an eye towards creating products for the professional makeup artist. Since then, Ameli has continued to create products from an artist’s point of view, rather than based on trends, offering over 250 high quality eye colors and over 80 lip colors alone. Best known for its Platlips collection, a creamy lip tint in a pot, Ameli is a great line for those with a true passion for makeup and creativity.

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