Facial total care with single eye cream Luxury home esthetic care with single eye cream Effective damage improvement with 3 peptide, EGF Dermatotropic formula delivers highly concentrated nourishing agents Strengthening of skin barriers with ingredients that compose skin Lifting + Firming + Highly nutrition + Moisture + Wrinkle care

Get skin tidy with toner and take proper amount of real eye cream to apply to the eye area. Dab around to spread smoothly for proper absorption.

Wrinkle Care + Whitening – Dual Function

Reduce Melanin, Face Lifting, 120 hours long lasting for Moisturizing, Improve dark circle, Elasticity of skin.

Wrinkle care for Eyes, Smile lines, Neck lines.

Coming soon!

1. Special Nutrition Care – 10 minutes of wrapping on lips and eye rims after appying the entire face

2. Calming Care following Fille – Sleeping Pack before going to bed following laser o filler treatment

3. Small Face Cover – Massage with essential oil to help slimming

Corporatist seed butter, coconut seed butter, cocoa seed butter, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Sophora extract, licorice extract, mugwort extract

Like its name suggests, A.H.C — Aesthetic Hydration Cosmetics — features an extensive collection of skincare that essentially focuses on skin’s hydration and aesthetician-like results through phyto-science, which marries the power of plant ingredients with advanced scientific research. With American actress Anne Hathaway as the face of the brand, A.H.C takes a holistic approach to skincare, its products geared towards creating not just healthy skin but also a well-being of mind and body through aromatherapy, color therapy, and thalassotherapy.

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