Cleanser for lips that remove remained color on lips.

: Erase tint, lipstick, etc. by perfect removing system.

: Without rubbing with tissue or cotton pad, after rolling with hands, cleanse mildly.

: Fresh and humid gel type

Coming soon!

Wipe out with wet tissue after rolling softly on lips with a right mount.

Green tea extract, rooibos extract, aloe vera gel

Consider this sister brand of K-beauty favorite Missha the younger, more affordable, perhaps even hipper version. With an eye towards trending colors and affordable skincare, A’Pieu is also socially conscious — they don’t do animal testing and try to keep their products as natural as possible. With a Snail Vital Cream that is a bestseller, A’Pieu is a great brand if you’re just getting into beauty and skincare or if you’re looking for more affordable options. W2Beauty is one of the few places you can buy A’Pieu online, and we like it for its affordability and solid quality.