Double Cleanse Diva

Only now I’ve noticed that the bio section has been added😮👏…have you already noticed it?😊

Finally my order arrived!😍 I’m very very happy!!!😁👏
Everything was packed perfectly and there were lots of samples!!!😊 It’s a pity that there wasn’t the candy, I was curious to taste it since everyone said it was good…patience, it will be next time😄😉
I can’t wait to try all the new products!😍😍😍

I put some photos below… then, after a while I will use the products, I will write some reviews😉😊

Yay! I\’m now Double Cleansing Diva!!!!😁

For an healthy skin barrier😊

I finally made my first order with W2Beauty.😊 I can\’t wait to get my box!! 😍😍😍

And I love the new song of Sunmi also

These are the 2 k-pop songs that are obsessing me right now 😍

Another video, but this time it’s for who have acne prone skin (like me) 😘

For those who are undecided about which cushion try 😉

I’m already cushion cutie!

How many of you recognize these situations? XD

What is your favorite YouTube channel?
I Iove Joan Kim’s videos!

Hi everyone! ^^
Does anyone have any recommendations for a sunscreen for combination and acne prone skin?

A book that I recommend for those who are new to K-beauty.
It is thanks to a friend of mine who has given me this book that I have approached the Korean skincare world.

Answer one (or all three!) of these questions:
1. My favorite K-beauty product and why
–>my favorite product is the Klairs supple preparation facial toner. The reason why I love this product is that, after using it, my skin is plump and super hydrated. It also creates no problem for my skin, which sometimes is very sensitive.

\”It\’s not what you do, but how you do.\”