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Whee my baby haul arrived safe and sound ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m stock-pilling the Benton products for later use (i’ve noticed the essence bottle is now frosted plastic instead of clear), and I’m looking forward to testing the Innisfree eye/lip make-up remover and the Etude House eyebrow stencils! I’m also taking the plunge and am going to try trimming my own hair with the A’Pieu set, hopefully it won’t be wonky with the spirit level haha!

I’m very interested in that Moshka sheet mask freebie, it’s a brand i’ve not heard of before but it’ll have to wait in-line behind the 50 or so other sheet masks I have stored! The little scratch card it came with gave me 15% off my next haul so it’ll be a little …[Read more]

Watching out for the local postie like

Will be sharing my little haul when it arrives on Tuesday ๐Ÿ˜€

The 5 Stages of Paying Customs/VAT: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance…

My current sheet mask and freebie collection curated over the past 2-3 years ^_^ I used to organise my face masks by type/brand but now they’re all organised by expiration date (almost got caught out a couple times though I have used some expired sheet masks with no harm done haha!)

I really love the samples because it means I can test out a product, risk free, to see if it’s for me or if it’s something i’d consider buying in future without the worry of wasting a product; and they’re super handy for travel when luggage space is limited (I once spent a week in Paris with nothing but a ton of different samples for my skincare needs and didn’t have any problems at all!) Plus they’re f…[Read more]

I’ve never had a problem with the tracking numbers given out by W2Beauty before, but I thought i’d share in case anyone’s also had these issues & is worried about their order:

1. If the Korea Post Track wont work, use portal through the FAQ’s, I got 2 updates then nothing.

2. Finally got a result through “track it on line” (without spaces). This gave me a second, different tracking number, meaning my parcel changed tracking number when flying from Korea to the UK. The second number was a Royal Mail number.

3. 17Track recognised both numbers and gave detailed info on the parcels (though original number no longer works as parcel is now in royal mail’s hands). It’s this change in num…[Read more]

Trying to encourage the last of my Benton Sailbee essence out the bottle like

OMG I just used a sample of the Iope peeling gel and I can’t stop touching my face it’s so soft WHAT IS THIS MAGIC AND WHY DIDN’T I REALISE IT SOONER?!?!?! D8

Whenever I see new kbeauty products I wanna try, my bank account be like

Am I the Only one who messes about with their patches/sheet masks? 😂๐Ÿคก😆

Masks are my favourite skin care product ever ๐Ÿ˜€