Hey ladies, I spotted Korean Box yesterday amongst the shop option, but somehow it wasn’t there anymore.
Any idea if the ‘light & bring box’ is still available? I hope it is…
Another thing I noticed is that the KLAIRS Midnight Blue Youth Activating Drop photo is not showing (my phone is probably broken, if you could see it in W2, haha)
On a side note, @pohim might have been busy these days, I don’t spot him in the community nowadays lol πŸ˜‰

1 more week… I can’t wait!!!
Ladies hold tight, payday is coming haha πŸ˜‰

Sorting, organizing and cleaning our bathroom since it’s a weekend ❀

I got this as a freebie on my last order and tried it on last night…. and I was really impressed. It’s really good on skin so I check it out. I almost fainted was I saw the price lol…. well maybe next time 😉

The History of Whoo All in One Cream 70ml

Holly molly…. I won this week\’s #W2Beautyhaul and I\’m tempted to hit the checkout button again. I should remind myself that it\’s not even the middle of the month yet. Hey paycheck wait for me…. soon, soon this ajjuma will hit the paypal button 🀣😂

Thank you again W2 team, thanks Alice ❀

My daughter trying her Nature Republic EXO Hydrogel Mask from W2. She said it smells nice and fits her face perfectly. I guess I need to re-stock more mask soon 😉 I felt bad throwing the packet, sorry Baekhyun lol 🀣

This could be considered spamming but I’m currently feeling ecstatic so I’m sharing it with ya’ll. I know many of you are kpop fans too, and I hope you guys know BTS. Big Hit just released Love Yourself “Her” comeback teaser with Park Jimin’s Serendipity, you guys should check it out. The whole video is visually pleasing and the song has a melo angelic tune. Look how cute our mochi is ❀

Yay got the EMS today although it’s Eid holidays. The postman worked really hard. This is where my 200$ went this month🀣
Thanks W2 team for the generous freebies.
The fish brush is ❀

Re-posting for those new to K-beauty process 😉

Hello September…. it’s going to be colder soon. What type of skin care products do you use during autumn/winter season?

Ladies I suddenly realized what I did this month… and I’m afraid to face the reality lol 💳💱📆😱

When you gotta wear diffirent shades everyday 👄💋

This could be old school, but how many of you experienced using toothpaste to dry pimples faster?
I have to admit that this trick actually works, however, it leaves a dark spot on my skin which I really don’t like at all.
Nowadays, I opt to using skin care products that contains tea tree oil to treat my pimples.

Looking for a perfect eye treatment cream, I recommend the Etude House Honey Cera Priming Eye Cream which comes up in 20ml. easy to use tube applicator.

This Eye Serum minimizes dark circles under the eyes with its whitening function for a smooth and brightened eye area.

The tip applicator is made of metal like finish which glides easily on your skin while applying. It adds an additional cooling effect which suits your tired eyes. I normally use this at the end of my skin care routine before sleeping and my eyes feels refreshed the following day.

Definitely 2 thumbs up on this product 🖒🖒

I know everyone knows this feeling at the end of each tiring week πŸ˜‰
Happy weekend everyone… enjoy two days of healing using your W2 beauty haul πŸ™‚

Since I cannot wait any longer for the pay day lol 🀣😂

I’m tempted to hit the checkout button… however my calendar says it’s still 22 of the month lol…

Patience is a virtue, wait for me my W2 cart πŸ™‚

Got an awful day at work… felt like my wrinkles gonna pile up once more πŸ™
Wave to all the middle east people who’s work starts on a Sunday @[email protected]

Did any of you experienced getting an error message or having difficulty going on another page, whenever you do a search? Been browsing since yesterday but for some reason, I can\’t seem to get to page 2 of any items I search. It always comes back to the main W2 page or directly to my cart ;(

My obsession… how about you?