BB Boss

I take forever getting ready in the mornings mostly because of the number of skin care products involved and partly because of the way I apply them. I tend to smooth small amounts of product over each section of my face (each cheek, forehead, eyelids, nose and chin) one by one for EACH product… I know I’m meant to be pouring product into my palms and then just patting it into my face but I feel like my greedy dry palms absorb everything and the product doesn’t get to all of my face. If I add more I feel like I’m wasting product. 😭

I’m curious, how does everyone else in the community apply their multilayers of skincare? Is anyone else a turtle in the mornings like me?

Has anyone else not received an email with the code for the fish brush and 20% off? I’ve been posting and uploaded a profile picture but haven’t received anything. 🙁

I’m looking for a cheaper alternative to SK II’s Facial Treatment Essence which i absolutely love but is hell on my wallet 🙁 I’ve read that Missha’s First Treatment Essence was good before they changed the formula. Any other suggestions?

I have ridiculously puffy undereyes despite usually getting a solid 8 hours of sleep every night. 🙁 Does anyone have any eye cream recommendations to help with this? I can’t even use under eye concealer because it creases and makes the bags look even worse. 🙁

Has anyone with combination skin tried the Cosrx rice spa mask for a long period of time? I know fiddy did a glowing review of the product but some people on reddit complained of closed comedones when used continuously for a week. 🙁