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Is anyone trying anything new and fun lately? I’ve been working on a jar of Hanyul Pure Artemisia Calming Cream that I am loving! It’s like junior hanbang or summer hanbang–has the herbal cred but is light and refreshing instead of heavy.

Happy Friday, everybody! Let’s talk sheet mask hacks! A few of mine are:

-We all know about refrigerating sheet masks for an extra refreshing kick in the summer. But sometimes a cold sheet mask is too much, right? Sometimes I sit on mine or put them behind my back (so they’re pressed between my back and the sofa) for about 10 minutes before…[Read more]

Question for those of you with long evening routines and shorter morning ones–if you have to choose only one serum/ampoule step for your morning, which do you choose? I’m generally a toner/essence/moisturizer/sunscreen in the morning person lately, but today I managed to fit in a layer of the Swanicoco Revol Ampoule Whitening in after my essence.…[Read more]

Yeah, I have all these signs. #noregrets

Oh yeah, my favorite K-beauty products!

Budget: Gotta be Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence. I just left a short review on the product page here, and there’s a longer review of it on my blog from a couple years ago, but the TL;DR is that it smoothes and soothes and softens my skin like crazy, as well as makes it resilient enough to heal…[Read more]

I like stick-type sunscreens (in a pinch, even an SPF-containing lip balm will work) for eyelids, since those don’t run. But generally I have to admit I just rely on sunglasses :/

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I\’ve been super sick the last couple of days, and the worst part is that I had an appointment to get my lash extensions touched up, but I doubt they\’re going to last, since you can\’t get the glue wet for 24 hours, but my eyes are watering uncontrollably every time I cough. RAGE.

7 years on and I still find this one of the most helpful posts about skin tone matching for Asians. We aren’t all the same undertone!

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I will never not get a kick out of the W2Beauty dads masking for Father’s Day.