Skincare Scholar

OMG 😯 Who’s see the new boxs here, ilooove all of them and wish to try every one😍😁💕 any one you like ?!

Is there anyone who has tried a product from this set of etude house honey cera “in fact I would like to try the essence and eye serum!!

Let’s get party 🎉🎈🎊💝 I’m a skincare scholar naw 👊🏻😎 i wish to be a really skincare scholar in fact ^

When I keep track my shipment every day, I wish to see my order box as soon as possible 💕😍

I have tried this mask sheet of milky dress and I liked a lot💕 when I put it on my face gradually turn into foam and help me to work massage for my skin when I put it 😍I loved it, but there is no in the site !! Do you know any mask have the same way in w2 .. !?

What you much like, a “Homemade” masks and scrub!! Or a scrub products ?! If you like homemade or products what is your favorite scrub and mask for exfoliate?

I like the products much more 😁😉 for me it’s much esear ^

I’m starting naw to use a face brush 😍 It’s amaizing for more cleansing specially for who’s but makeup daily 👍🏻 There’s one like this from Swanicoco brand 💕I loove it so much ..

I can’t go to next bage in community !!😐
Is there any one have the same problem !?

Any recommendation for a mask sheet for sensitive skin, my sister has sensitive skin and redness in her cheeks and want to use appropriate masks for her skin !! Who’s have the same skin type ?

Only in my imagination 😂😍😂

Who wants to marry one of these handsome ☺😱😉💜

In fact I do not use eye cream yet, and I want to know a lot about the types of eye creams and what suits me !! *What about you, what kind of eye cream you use and what you think about it !؟ 💖

*What have you tried of swanicoco products and what do you think about it..!?
In fact, I would like to try one of these products in the future😍. I have heard a lot about them💕. What about you?

I’m a PH AMBASSADOR naw ☺😆 I feel that I would like to celebrate with all people in the community 😉😎🎉

When I see my phone and see all these “dislike👎” on my beauty wall !!
This is a big shock ..😱!

When I want to escape from my night skin care routine to go to sleep zZz


Finally i check out my order 😍✌

This masks sheet It’s one of my favorite masks that previously existed in W2beauty but suddenly no longer exists in the site I’m upset about this!
*Is there anyone know why the absence of this mask now in the site and will come back here or not !?

This is my problem always, every day my face is fine but when I have an occasion or an appointment this is what happens to me😭😑Who has the same problem!! 😐

I tried this product from LANEIGE it’s Essential Power Skin Refiner, and I liked it so much that it hydrates the skin wonderfully..💕
*What you have tried from LANEIGE products and what do you think about it ..

*Why can not I access in the products i like our Followers button on my Beauty wall !!!!😱

*Is there anyone who has the same problem !؟؟😕