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I just want to share this great formulation here, it’s definitely one of my favourite lip products. The colour itself is lovely, but they have a wider range, probably there’s something out there for everyone. You can build up as little or as much as you like, although you have to be quite quick about it. It dries to a superb matte finish without dryness (for me at least). I had an event (4-course meal + drinks) and it lasted all throughout the night (a first!) but, disclaimer, I did apply it to full opacity. I’d really suggest giving it a try.

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What are some of your recommendations concerning wash-off type masks for combination, acne-prone skin? I really love the Innisfree Volcanic one and I have a couple more clay-based masks so not really looking for those. Another good one is the Monstory Green Mon but sadly it is not available on W2B (here\’s hoping!). Thank you in advance! 🙂