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Troipeel H+ Healing Cushion

13g - How to use:  Apply after doing make-up base 

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TROIPEEL Healing Cushion has 3 Multi functions in One Cushion

  • Anti-aging effect
  • Whitening effect
  • UV protection (UVB-SFP50+, UVA-PA+++)

Perfect Coverage with NO skin stuffiness
Make-up is not all about coverage. The secret of perfect coverage is about skin breathing. H+ Cushion formation helps skin to have light-weight make-up, without causing skin suffocation and dullness during the day. It controls excessive sebum andexcellent reliever for sensitive skin. Skin looks clear and fresh all day!

Perfect color for Asian skin
Often other BB cream and foundations after covering it for a few hours, it starts to have darkening effect. Look less fresh, dull skin and oily look.

The H+ Cushion will keep looking flawless all day!

Main Ingredient

•          Portulaca extract
•          Centellea Asiatica Extract
•          Niacin amide
•          Adenosine

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Troipeel H+ Healing Cushion

Troipeel H+ Healing Cushion

13g - How to use:  Apply after doing make-up base 

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Reviews (4)

By Marta Marita L on 04/9/2017
Title: Feels good on the skin
Text: At first I was taken aback by the way it seemed to apply. Padding it in I thought that it might look cakey since I was used to light coverage foundations and BB creams, and this one covered my pores, redness well. Most of my hyperpigmentation was gone. It had this kind of sticky (thick) texture I find to be common to Korean skincare, but only at first. My fear was unnecessary, because once it settled (I applied powder, concealer and blush as well) the skincare seemed to have seeped through my skin. It felt as if my skin was rejuvenated from within, thus the makeup on my skin felt a lot lighter than at the beginning. A few hours passed, and it seemed like the cushion helped to blend all the makeup to a soft and velvety finish. After I washed all of it off, my face was really smooth, and more moisturized than usually.
Something to look out for is that the cushion is really sensitive to pressure, unlike many others, so if pressed too hard, too much of the product comes out.
By Vanessa V on 04/3/2017
Title: I like it
Text: I haven't used it much yet, I've only been testing. I've had troubles with my skin which is why my skin is quite dry now and this cushion shows up all the dry areas quite well. But, I was relieved that the color suits my skin. Sure it's tiny bit darker (but not too much) than my own skin since I'm half Finnish and half Portuguese, so my skin is quite pale.. but at the same time, it's not that pale as it could be.. if that makes any sense. Anyway, now that summer is coming, it will be just perfect. Also, it doesn't break me out, which is good now that I've gotten some kind of adulthood acne going on.
By Yadira P on 01/3/2017
Title: Great for dry skin
Text: I have dry and sensitive skin and found this to be great and once it sinks into the skin it last for a long time. Also hasn't broken me out so that's great!
By Aaron R on 10/19/2016
Title: This marvelous H+ Cushion helps my relationship!
Text: I've been in a long-distance relationship with my girl in US for several months.
When my girl friend told me about this Cushion, I decided to surprise her.

She's really glad that I bought it to her as a gift and even more, she's really happy about the cushion.

Thank you Alice for quick shipping and Thank whoever made this Cushion!
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