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Nature Republic - Soothing&Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

300ml - Nature Republic - comercial here

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NR B 150


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Soothing&Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel -Free samples with every order, get some points for every purchase and exchanges them for coupons to buy even more things ! Free Giveaways on FB, Join us! W2Beauty on FB

Khawla Z

I like it

I really love the texture it gives to my skin .. and it comes with abundant amount
I am definitly gonna order it again ^^

Samantha M


Great product! Been using it for about two weeks and it has really moisturized my skin! it leaves your skin soft and smooth! I have sensitive, acne prone, oily skin and I have noticed that it hasnt made me break out and my skin didnt react badly to it! I will for sure purchase this again!

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Nature Republic - Soothing&Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

Nature Republic - Soothing&Moisture Aloe Vera 92% Soothing Gel

300ml - Nature Republic - comercial here

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Reviews (14)

By clara J on 03/2/2017
Title: Good product
Text: My skin got really moisturized but you need quite a lot of product. It is really light and refreshing and there is a lot of product which i really love!
By Ala K on 12/4/2016
Title: Ehhhh
Text: I had been reading so many good reviews about this I was so excited to try it out. I get quite a bit of redness in my cheeks (they look like traffic lights!) through the day so I thought this would do a good job for those areas in calming the redness.

The high alcohol content in this DRIED my face out and did not improve my red areas. It took about a week to correct the dry irritated spots this product caused. I'll use it for sunburns and other related household burns and as a 30 minute mask, but I won't be re-purchasing this. Not worth it for me.
By Rajani S on 12/3/2016
Title: Great product
Text: Great product with a reasonable price this is the one solution for all skin problems
By Giulia P on 11/21/2016
Title: I love it!
Text: Sono felicissima! È un gel super idratante, si asciuga in fretta e subito si sente la differenza sulla pelle! Non appena si apre la confezione si sente un profumo fortissimo di aloe che lascia presagirne i benefici naturali e la mistura è veramente compatta! Ma la parte migliore, oltre agli effetti sulla pelle, è che ne basta davvero una minima porzione per tutto il viso!
By Aliena S on 10/29/2016
Title: A little more extravagant than normal aloe gel
Text: Aloe vera gel is great for the skin, and this one has all the good properties of normal aloe gel, but it also has flower and spearmint extract, along with castor oil and, warning, some alcohol. It seems to be equally moisturizing as normal aloe gel (light moisture) but it does seem to sooth my face a bit after exfoliation or a long day in the sun. There is perfume in it, so if you're sensitive to that you might want to stick to normal aloe gel, but I really enjoy the scent. It smells a lot like the old "cucumber melon" scent from Bath and Body Works that was so popular when I was in high school. :) Overall, it's not any more expensive than normal aloe. It's quite a big tub. I'm not giving it 5 stars because, in the end, it's not all that different, but if you're going to get aloe gel, you might as well get the stuff that smells good.
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