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IOPE - BIO essence intensive conditioning

168ml - Iope

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iope A 22




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BIO essence intensive conditioning -Free samples with every order, get some points for every purchase and exchanges them for coupons to buy even more things ! Free Giveaways on FB, Join us! W2Beauty on FB


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I purshed this product because one of my friends swears by it. I have olive tone combination skin. This is something I will continue to purchase after I run out of it. It makes the skin look healthy and radiant. Also goes so well with the other skincare products that I use after it.



مرررره حلوو

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IOPE - BIO essence intensive conditioning

IOPE - BIO essence intensive conditioning

168ml - Iope

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Reviews (3)

By An L on 03/9/2016
Title: Good toner for sensitive skin
Text: After a horrible skin allergy from using Missha fte, I thought I couldn't tolerate korean essence/ toner at all. It's frustrating because fte is one of the most rave-about essence out there, maybe I'm just sensitive with some certain ingredients (fte has a super long ingredient list which might actually expose a higher risk of irritation). However this Iope essense has a sweet ~ short ingredient list but vert effective at the same time. It doesn't help much in skin hydration but definitely in skin clarity and brightness. I can see it really worked in just 3-4 days. One huge bonus is this doesn't bother my sensitive skin at all. So if you have really sensitive skin like I do, it's highly recommended
By Katherine C on 10/25/2015
Title: Very Good FTE
Text: I bought this after taking a long break from first treatment essences and was really pleasantly surprised. The essence feels like water with a slight slip and no scent. The side of the bottle tells you how much to use with with the included cotton pads. If you use it the way they recommend, you'll go through the bottle quite quickly. Just to be economical, I have been using less than the recommended amount and thus ran out of the cotton pads before using up the bottle. The ads for this product say that it will improve the skin in 3-4 days. It definitely made my skin a bit brighter and more even but did nothing for my skin texture (i.e., pores, CCs). I would certainly recommend it, but I think that there are similar products for less money.
By Marissa C on 09/18/2015
Title: gentle toner
Text: So I've heard rave reviews about this product and i decided to give it a try. this is definitely the most expensive product i got out of my whole skincare routine but the reviews were really good so i decided to get it anyway. first off, there is no smell at all. like nada. For someone that doesnt like artifical scents, i really liked how it was completely scentless. the consistency is very much like water and its a clear solution. It's quite a long bottle thats made of glass ( i suggest you move it into a plastic bottle if you have slippery hands!) and it also tells you how much you should use at the side of the bottle. after using it for about 3 months, it brightens up skin tone a little and i can tell i've gotten fairer. It also minimizes my pores but not by a whole lot. The redness on my face also went down a little. So all in all, it is a good product but it didnt deliver the wow factor that i was hoping for. there wasn't anything amazing about this product that really changed my skin. but still 4 stars cause it is a good one and my skin didnt react badly to it as its usually quite sensitive to things that are "intensive conditioning".
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