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Hello !! thank you so much for coming visit my shop :) I hope you found some interesting items that you wish to try ! :) 


Here, you can find out how to pass an order with me , it's really easy actually so let's start :D 



First , welcome to the homepage (depending on your device, the screen should show up differently) 


On the right , you can see the "Review" tab , this is where the other customers left their feedbacks etc concerning the items they bought and their reviews :)  There are about 5000 reviews so far ! if you don't know where to start, that can be a good way to see what other people ordered and how they liked it (or not) ;p 


w2beauty homepage




at the very bottom of the page (in desktop version of the site and even mobile), you can choose the language you wish to browse in and also the currency :) 

You can also find some additional information in the footer such as your account details, the conditions of sale, and the freebies & gift policy for example :D 


W2Beauty CMS




Now, let's start our shopping :))) you basically just need to click on the product you wish, and click on the "add to cart" button , you should see a small animation showing the product you add going to your cart at the top right of the page :)

the product is now in your cart ! 


W2beauty cart

W2beauty cart2

W2beauty cart3




Once in the cart summary page (after clicking on your cart) , you can now create your account (for free of course), and go to the payment :) It is always better to create your account in the shop so that you can have a trace of your order history etc, if you checkout as guest, you won't be able to access any information at all :( 


Once everything is ready and that you created your account, please scroll down a little more to find the shipping option below , you can choose between the registered shipping (with the tracking number for $2.5  - note that 1 tracking number works for an entire order regardless of how many items you have) or the EMS (express delivery) (EMS is offered for orders over $200) 


* you can also leave a note in the comment box :) that is especially useful if you decide to buy the mask packages or if you need to address anything important such as a change of address, a special note on the delivery package, etc...


PAYMENT : When you are ready to proceed to the payment, click on the Paypal logo  


W2Beauty checkout

W2beauty shipping




Once you clicked on the Paypal logo, a new page will open


Here , you can verify a last time that your order is correct, and proceed to the payment either with PAYPAL (if you have a Paypal account or if you wish to open one) , or directly with credit card 


Paypal is quite safe and used by millions of people daily :) I would definitely recommend you to create your paypal account, it is totally free for you , all charges will be taken from my end for the payments and it really makes it easier to order later on :) 


*** For Bank transfer and Western union payment, please email me to "" with either a big copy paste of your cart summary or screenshot so that I can confirm the total amount with you and then send you the details needed for the payment 


Important : Once the payment is done , make sure to check that you receive an automatic confirmation email from my shop :) will also be the email address from which I will then send you the tracking number for your package :D 


W2Beauty payment solution




THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING WITH ME ! :))) After your order is passed, I will come back to you with the tracking number by email directly :) please make sure to check the emails coming from "" , it happens that my emails end up in the spam box ... 



A quick note as well :  SPONSORSHIP CODE 


If you received a code from your bloggers for a discount, the code they give you must be used at registration, this is how you get the coupon discount :) 


you have to use the code here , when you create your account


W2beauty sponsorship registration







You can navigate by category of products such as Skincare in general, then see the subcategories related to skincare like Cream, Essence, Toner , etc etc ... that makes it easier to find a specific kind of item 


Or , you can browse the shop by brand finding the products from your favorite brand only :) 

W2Beauty browsing



You can also browse the products from a category by price if you have a specific budget that you wish to keep ! :) and of course, you can narrow down the products in sub categories within a brand to make the selection of product more specific ! :D 


W2Beauty browsing2



If you don't like seeing the products as a list , you can make it look as a grid by cliking on that grid button ! :) 


W2Beauty browsing3



Hope you will enjoy shopping with me !! :)