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  • Cleansing Oil

    Cleansing oil is an oil to remove makeup and dirt. Cleansing with soap strips away the skin's natural oils, thus causing the skin to produce more oil. When you cleanse with oil the skin does not need to produce more oil, thus fewer blemishes occur. Dispense an ample amount into dry palms and rub onto the face gently until makeup or dirt is completely dissolved. Rinse and then double-cleanse for best results.

  • Cleansing Foam

    Cleansing foam is a creamy facial cleanser to wash face off with bubble foam. Dispense an ample amount into wet palms and lather up. Rub gently onto face, and then rinse off with lukewarm water. Splash on cold water for astringent effects.

  • Tissue & Make up Remover

    Cleansing tissue is a handy way to remove makeup. Wipe point makeup gently with cleansing tissue, and then wipe all over face. Cleansing remover is a liquid to remove makeup. Please apply desired amount to cotton pad and gently remove makeup.

  • Cleansing Water

    Cleansing water is a mild cleanser to remove makeup. Please put some on a cotton pad and gently remove the makeup. Then complete the cleansing by washing your face with cleansing foam.

  • Cream & Lotion

    Cleansing cream is a creamy cleanser to remove makeup. Please apply the desired amount and massage gently. Wipe off with tissue or wash with warm water to remove makeup residue.

  • Cleansing Peeling

    Peeling cleanser is a cleanser especially for dead skin. Leaving dead skin on your face for long is not good for skin. It disrupts the breathing of skin and absorbing nutrition. After washing and towel-drying, put some on your face and massage onto face in a circular motion. Rinse with warm water.

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