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Make Up

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Make Up


  • CC Cream

    CC Cream which often stands for Color Change cream, it is a cream that would tend to adapt to your skin tone more than any other product would and also bring in more moisture than the basic BB Creams

  • DD Cream

    DD Cream is now coming out after the famous BB and CC Cream. DD stands for Dark Diminish (but will probably evolve into new meanings as the brands will most likely launch their own ones

  • BB Cream

    BB Cream (short for Blemish Balm Cream ) was first created by dermatologists to treat and protect skin after skin surgery. Celebrities started to use it for natural-flawless-glowing look, soon it became popular.*** BB cream also stands for Blemish Base, Beauty Balm or Beblesh Balm and in Western markets, Beauty Balm. Its covering is not as strong as foundation but you can do more natural skin makeup.*** Foundation vs BB Cream Vs Tinted Moisturizer? ***Foundation: Pros : Good Coverage and flawless look Cons: Touch-up required to maintain flawless look ; Multiple touch-ups create un-natural and cakey look*** BB Cream: BB Cream has benefits of both tinted moisturizer and foundation. Better coverage than a tinted moisturizer. Lighter weight than a foundation.*** Tinted Moisturizer: Pros: Lightweight and makes transparent natural look Cons: Very light coverage*** After base makeup, apply BB cream to facial skin evenly. *** FIND ALL OUR BB CREAM in this category ***

  • Twin Cake
  • Make up Base & Primer

    Makeup base is a base makeup used before you apply foundation. It helps foundation to apply into the skin evenly. Makeup base has several colors to adjust skin tone. Blue makeup base can make your skin whiter and cover reddish skin. Green makeup base can express natural and clean skin. Pink makeup base helps you look more lively and Yellow makeup base covers reddish skin. Beige or colorless makeup can express natural skin. Lotion type is good for summer season and for people having oily or combination skin type. Cream type enhances skin cover.

  • Foundation

    Foundation is a cosmetic product for covering your skin and adjusting skin tone. Its covering is better than BB cream. It covers blemishes like freckles, moles and scars of face effectively. It's a fast and convenient way to makeup. For natural makeup, you should choose a natural and well-fitted color and a foundation according to your skin type. After base makeup, apply foundation to facial skin evenly

  • Highlighter & Shading

    Highlighter is a pale-colored cosmetic to emphasize the shape of face putting above eyebrows, on nose or cheeks. After finishing facial skin makeup, apply a small amount onto the cheeks, nose and above eyebrows in a soft stroking motion.

  • Powder Pact

    Powder and pact absorb facial oil. They are used like skin makeup finish. After foundation, tap on the face gently.

  • Concealer

    Concealer or color corrector is a type of facial makeup used to cover dark circles and other small blemishes visible on the skin. Concealer is really good to hide blemishes by blending the imperfection into the surrounding skin tone. After applying foundation, dispense an adequate amount and then gently tap onto dark circles around the eyes or blemishes visible on the skin

  • Blusher

    Blusher is a color makeup cosmetic used to put on cheeks for looking more lively and lovely. After finishing facial skin makeup, apply a small amount onto the cheeks in a soft stroking motion.

  • Cushion

    All the Korean cosmetic brands' Cushion

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