My favorite beauty tip since using Asian Beauty and Kbeauty products?


It’s massively important to take care of one’s skin with actives and nutrient-dense moisturizers, finding those key ingredients that work for an individual’s skin, all while maxing mileage out of products and addressing needs. However, to get there, we all…[Read more]


I tried this free sample, it gives a very cool moisturizing to the skin and does not make it sticky I loved it and would like to buy it soon💖😍

greeeeaaaaat. there’s even more closed comedones now… but I think I found the culprit: Too Cool for School Zitga cleansing gel. At first, I was really excited for this cleanser when I bought it (Even though I broke my rules about not buying cleansers over 20$ on the basis that if I have to use it every day it should be cheaper than 20$). But…[Read more]

I\’m looking for a cheaper alternative to SK II\’s Facial Treatment Essence which i absolutely love but is hell on my wallet 🙁 I\’ve read that Missha\’s First Treatment Essence was good before they changed the formula. Any other suggestions?