These Beauty Blogs and Instagram Feeds Will Give You Heart-Eyes 😍

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Sure, they review the latest technological advances in the industry and provide exhaustive ingredient lists and swatches, but these must-see beauty blogs and Instagram feeds also offer plenty of eye candy to feed your obsession with all things skincare and makeup. There’s a reason they call this industry “beauty.”



In this digital age, it’s all about maximizing the pixels on your screen to make a follow-worthy first impression. I’ve rounded up some of the most aesthetically-pleasing Instagram feeds and beauty blogs that have mastered the art of love at first sight. These seasoned skincare and beauty bloggers and ’grammers know a thing or two about creating eye-catching and unique content. Stop by for the aesthetics, and stay long-term for their sound recommendations on the best skincare and makeup products on the market.




instagram feeds


Our first feature is none other than Fiona of the blog and Instagram @orchidsandpeonies. A true believer of nurturing healthy, glowing skin and wearing less makeup, Fiona artfully arranges her vibrant bouquet of Instagram photos, always composed of floral elements (roses and peonies everywhere) and her favored skincare and beauty products that work well with her combination, sensitive skin.





Gothamista’s Renee needs no introduction. The seasoned K-beauty YouTuber started curating and sharing her skincare and beauty finds in 2014, and has already garnered over 4 million views on her channelShe’s a trusted voice in the world of Korean cosmetics, and her squared photo feed is a go-to source for the best products on the market.




instagram feeds


Let’s cut to the chase: I’m very obsessed with beauty blogger Adri and her impeccable eye for the ‘gram. She contrasts her go-to skincare vials and beauty products against a varying palette of washed pastel hues for the ultimate cosmetics eye-candy. If you’ve got an oily T-zone and dry patches, congested pores, acne scars, and hormonal acne like Adri, you’ll benefit from her curated array of skincare and beauty obsessions. (She swears by Missha’s All Around Safe Block Mild Sun for her choice of UV ray-blocking sunscreen.)




Night Routine💫🌙 Reading the new spring issue of Domino Magazine this evening. If any of you are into home decor I recommend you check them out! ✨Cleanse Tatcha Camellia Cleansing Oil 💫Tone Whamisa Organic Flowers Deep Rich ✨Missha First Treatment Essence mist 💫TheOrdinary Hyaluronic Acid ✨Herbivore Botanicals Orchid Oil 💫Chilled Jade Roller massaged overtop of oil #skincare #skincarediary #skincarereview #skincareaddict #skincareblogger #skincareroutine #skincaredaily #skincareobsessed #skincareobsession #skincareregimen #kbeauty #kbeautyaddict #kbeautyblogger #koreanbeauty #rasianbeauty #beautyflatlay #slaytheflatlay #asianbeauty #flatlayoftheday #instabeauty #instablogger #instaskincare #instabblogger #glowingskincare #chokchok #igskincare #skincarejunkie #skincareproducts #skincareluxury

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There’s no shortage of dainty air plants and pastel hues on Bailey’s skincare and beauty Instagram, @baileys_skinroutine. Previously known as Blossoming Chok Chok, her moniker reflected a universal desire for ever-flourishing, chok chok (the Korean term for moist and dewy) skin, and her feed features a wealth of Western and Asian cosmetics. She mixes in her love of healthy foods, which adds a unique element to her skincare routine — after all, what you put into your body is as important as what you’re putting on your skin.




instagram feeds


Stephanie Zheng is a self-proclaimed lover of travel-sized beauty products and the woman behind the popular Instagram @collectionofvials and eponymous blog. Currently living the college life in NYC, Stephanie shows off her skincare and beauty choices with a sophisticated, minimalistic eye. You’ll pretty much lust over every vial and tube the Glossier brand ambassador showcases — and you’ll inevitably fall in love with her miniature hedgehog who makes occasional appearances on her feed.





Meet Elisa, the whimsical beauty and fashion lover behind the feed @SokoBeauty and Netherlands-based blog Memorable DaysMixing floral and feminine notes with skincare and cosmetics, Elisa fancifully displays her current beauty faves that cover the range of American and European cosmetics, including some K-beauty classics like the Neogen Bio Peel Gauze Peeling Green Tea exfoliating pads.


Mrs. James Recommends


That smooth and flawless complexion belongs to none other than Mrs. Quennie James, the face behind the appropriately-named beauty blog, Mrs. James Recommends. Currently residing in the UK with her hubby (aka Mr. James), Mrs. James is a Jill of all trades: beauty writer, mother, traveler, stylist, sheet mask enthusiast, self-taught makeup artist, singer, dancer, and — the cherry on top — MMA fighter. The former M.A.C Cosmetics employee is now a freelance artist, sharing her wealth of knowledge — and of course, recommendations — on all things makeup and skincare, with an emphasis on Korean products. Her recent mentions include the popular Son&Park Beauty Water and her tips on anti-aging K-beautyNeedless to say, I’m taking note.




instagram feeds


LA-based blogger, New Jersey native, and aspiring anthropology major, Sharmili (who goes by Mili) combines her quirky personality with a passion for beauty on her blog and Instagram @sharmtoaster. Catch up with her on her blog where she shares her adventures in K-beauty, her reviews on drugstore brands, tips for flat lays for the feed, and much more.




✨Adventure Awaits ✨ // Photo Shoot Teasers w/ @lucygloverphoto . . This last Sunday as many of you may have saw on my Instagram stories I was over the moon excited to shoot w/ the talented Lucy Glover (been wanting to shoot with her for the longest time!) and boy did it not disappoint! . We shot in the Marin Headlands just outside of San Francisco. We shot these teaser shots at the end of the day at Golden Hour and it was pure magic ✨ . Can’t wait to see how the rest of the shots came out (΄◉◞౪◟◉`) this was definitely one of my favorite shoots to date ! . #beautyblogger #skincareblogger #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #japanesecosmetics #abcommunity #rasianbeauty #skincareaddict #asianskincare #koreancosmetics #koreanproduct #instagood #instabeauty #instablog #instadaily #beauty #sanfranciscomodel #bayareamodel #lifestylemodel #commercialmodel #fauxcamping #marin #natureshoot #nature

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Ashley Hasegawa, the pixie cut-adorning charmer behind, is a San Franciscan beauty and lifestyle blogger and model/actress. She currently flexes her multiskilled abilities as an independent beauty brand specialist; she’s a freelance education/product specialist for Korean mega-cosmetics conglomerate AmorePacific (and in particular, their brand Sulwhasoo), as well as a West Coast Trainer for quirky cosmetic line Too Cool for School. We love that the late 20-something is a self-proclaimed “ingredient nerd” who promises to only post products that she truly swears by. Check out her newly-launched beauty blog (her first review is on the Swanicoco CC Pact) — I personally can’t wait to see what other products receive her stamp of approval.




Woke up and saw the news of Hurricane Irma, hoping everyone is evacuating and keeping lives safe🙏🏻 . . 🌹Cleanse Pestle & Mortar Renew 💦Mist Jurlique Rose Mist 🌞Skin: Darphin Radiance Retuxturizing Cream 🌳Base: Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin 👀Eyes: Lined with Maybelline & Estee Lauder Sumptuous Mascara 🐧Cheeks: Maxfactor Nude Beige & Stila Kittten 💋Lips: Bobbi Brown English Rose 👃🏼Perfume: Francis Kurkdjian APOM . Have a lovely day all😘 . #pestleandmortar #jurlique #darphin #kevynaucoin #esteelauder #maxfactor #beautypie #maybelline #franciskurkdjian #stila #stilakitten #makeupmess #motd #fotd #makeupblogger #makeupaddict #makeupjunkie #makeupregime #makeupproduct #beautyroutine #chicagoblogger #instabeauty #instablogger #bblogger #bbloggers #beautyblogger #beautybloggers #beautycommunity

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Beauty junkie Binita is the face behind the Instagram, Hidden Harmony World, and she’s no rookie in the skincare game. Binita runs the gamut of beauty and skincare reviews, which encompasses both Western and Asian cosmetic brands. Follow Hidden Harmony, and you’ll get a glimpse of her go-to products (arranged in beautiful, well-lit flat lays, natch), as well as a taste of her lifestyle and travel moments on her blog of the same name.


What do you think are some of the prettiest Instagram feeds and blogs out there? Who do you follow?


Why You’re Not Too Young to Build Good Skincare Habits

good skincare habits

Whether you’re a teen searching for ways to get rid of that first bump or a mom looking to nurture good skincare habits in your teen, know that you’re not alone and it’s not too early to develop good skincare habits for a lifetime of good skin.



It’s never too late to quit smoking, find love, or pursue your passions. But for some things in life — well, it’s never quite too early. Habits like wholesome eating and regular exercise, as well as healthy relationships with friends and family, are smart lifestyle choices to establish early on, setting you up for an age of success later in life.


Skincare is no different, and bonus tip: When it’s coupled with that good-for-you diet and an intentional zeal for life, you’ve got a sure-fire recipe for the coveted lit-from-within glow. So if you’re at the cusp of adulthood, here’s a friendly reminder why you’re not too young to start investing in your skin.


good skincare habits


The sooner, the better


Why deal with wrinkles, sunspots, and other signs of aging when you have the power to prevent them? Skincare products — particularly the anti-aging variety — carry a wide range of perks, from brightening dull complexions to maintaining the skin’s elasticity for less fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, learning the nuances of your unique skin type (oily, dry, combination, or anywhere in between) at a young age will better prepare you for the future, equipping you with the know-how to modify your skincare regimen when facing changing climates and with a knowledge base to avoid common misconceptions that many skincare beginners have when diagnosing their skin.


If there’s one person we can trust on skincare, it’s the talented actress and anti-aging advocate Song Hye Kyo. She began experimenting early on with youth-saving skincare products at her mother’s recommendation — and we all know: Moms know best.


“My mother told me it’s better to start using anti-aging, even at a young age,” the K-drama veteran told Malay Mail Online. “Especially since I’m an actress, and I’m constantly under stage lights or exposed to a lot of sunlight. … I think using anti-aging products really helps; the (sooner), the better, you know?”


good skincare habits
Song Hye Kyo’s secret to that youthful glow? Start using anti-aging products early.


With one glance at Song Hye Kyo’s baby-faced complexion, you might find it hard to believe that the hit drama Descendants of the Sun star is in her mid-30s. The official face of Korean cosmetic company Laneige, Song explains that “skin aging originates from dry skin.” She swears by the brand’s ultra-hydrating Perfect Renew Regenerator or the Water Bank Essence, a lightweight formula with unmistakable moisture.


Ward off the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays


Speaking of SPF, one of the single most important skincare products you could add to your skincare routine (if you haven’t already) is sunscreen. (And unfortunately, a BB cream with SPF doesn’t suffice.) Among the various factors that can contribute to aging of the skin — loss of collagen, which forms wrinkles, or exposure to different irritants and pollution that can cause damage to the skin — the sun’s UVA and UVB rays have the most potent and harmful effect not only to your skin’s appearance, but more importantly, on your health. Even a round of doctors on a forum focusing on anti-aging all adamantly agree that a broad-spectrum sunscreen with high levels of SPF (at least 40) is crucial in combatting aging. We simply can’t stress enough the importance of applying (and reapplying, if needed) sunscreen daily to protect your skin from the harmful exposure.


good skincare habits


“By damaging the skin’s cellular DNA, excessive UV radiation produces genetic mutations that can lead to skin cancer,” warns the Skin Cancer Foundation. UVB (ultraviolet short-wave) rays penetrate the outermost layer of the skin, causing superficial (but equally injurious) damage to the skin’s epidermal layers. Think redness and sunburns. On the other hand, the wrinkle-forming UVA (ultraviolet long-wave) rays infiltrate even deeper and have “relatively equal intensity during all daylight hours throughout the year,” penetrating through clouds and glass.


And if you’re a beach lover who loves to get her tan on, think twice before hitting the sand. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, “A tan results from injury to the skin’s DNA; the skin darkens in an imperfect attempt to prevent further DNA damage. These imperfections, or mutations, can lead to skin cancer.”


Although you’ve likely heard it all before, we’ll say it again for good measure: Avoid sun tanning (both directly in the sun and inside a UVA ray-emitting tanning booth) and always wear sunscreen, even on the most gloomy, overcast, dark, and dreary days.


Because the real value of skincare is (almost) priceless


To put it simply, you can’t quite put a price on your health, and if it comes with the added benefits of clearer, brighter, and more youthful skin at a low cost, then sign us up. The cherry on top of the sundae that is Korean beauty and skincare is that it’s incredibly affordable to start your collection, and nearly every brand, whether it be lower-priced or high-end, has incredibly effective products to offer. So don’t worry: You don’t have to buy Song Hye Kyo’s mid-tier priced night serum or Chriselle’s pricey choice for a moisturizing cleansing balm to achieve baby-soft skin. With countless Korean brands to choose from, you’ll have a diverse spectrum of within-budget, skin-boosting products that will strengthen and fortify your skin’s barrier.


“Healthy and functioning skin barrier is [an] important protector against dehydration, penetration of various microorganisms, allergens, irritants, reactive oxygen species and radiation,” a recent study on skin anti-aging strategies states. “For this reason daily skin care may increase skin regeneration, elasticity, smoothness, and thus temporarily change the skin condition.”


good skincare habits
Etude House’s Moistfull Collagen Water Jelly Cream is an easy way to kick-start your anti-aging routine.


Don’t know where to begin? Start with the affordable skincare line from the cult-favorite collection from Etude House that puts collagen in the spotlight, in the form of emulsions and nighttime moisturizers to collagen-infused eye patches and sheet masks. Or try products with vitamin C, a proven antioxidant that decreases the effect of the sun’s rays.


For more easy-to-follow routines and recommendations, check out:


A teen’s first skincare routine


Our essential $100 skincare routine


Build your own essential skincare routine with Etude House


Where to start if you’re overwhelmed by K-beauty


The preventative skincare guide for teens


As you build your skincare cabinet, add in products like exfoliators to unclog grime and dirt from pores, and invest in eye creams to give special treatment to the most sensitive parts of your face. With gradual and consistent use of your revamped daytime and nighttime routine, we’re sure that you’ll see a lifetime of a difference for your skin.


What good skincare habits did you develop early in your beauty journey? And what was the first beauty product you used?




The K-Beauty Menagerie: 4 Unique Skincare Ingredients Worth Trying

Remember when you first eww’d at the thought of smearing snail slime all over your face? You soon learned what wonders the gastropod could do for your skin. So don’t sniff at the latest “unusual” ingredients coming out of Korea. Find out why beauty lovers are making a beeline for these brow-raising, unique skincare ingredients, from donkey milk to horse oil (and no, there’s no animal cruelty involved!).



Korean skincare doesn’t horse around. If an ingredient can benefit your skin and be infused in a cream or essence, then you bet it’ll make its way into the next headline-making product on the front page of K-beauty — even if said ingredient is, uh, literally straight from the horse’s mouth. Yep, today we’re talking horse oil, plus three more unusual ingredients you’ve seen on your beauty radar. So let’s make like a fish and dive right in.


Horse Oil


We’re off to the races with horse oil, an ingredient that deserves a brief preface. Contrary to what you might think, no horses are harmed specifically for the making of horse oil-infused skincare products. In fact, the oil is a byproduct of horses that are processed for their meat — and before you inhale sharply in shock, know that horses, like cows and pigs, are commonly killed for human consumption in countries like Belgium, Japan, Italy, Kazakhstan, and many other countries outside of the U.S. But rest assured that the oil used in skincare products comes from the byproduct from the horses that have already passed on.


unique skincare ingredients


So what’s so great about horse oil? For starters, it contains a surprising amount of linolenic acid, rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that work wonders to moisturize, repair, and prevent inflammation on the skin. The skincare fanatic behind beauty blog Vanity Rex goes in-depth in her spotlight on horse oil, her findings backed heavily by research on the oil’s promising antibacterial and redness-reducing properties. But the most appealing aspect of horse oil is that its composition is like that of human sebum, which essentially means it penetrates more quickly into your skin, resulting in “sustained moisture” for your skin, explains beauty blogger Mrs. James.


Feed your horse oil curiosity with the Get It Beauty favorite, Guerisson 9 Complex Cream, which is touted for providing 72 hours of lasting moisture and lightening dark spots with the help of vitamin E, ceramides, and extracts of peppermint leaf, apple mint leaf, sage and rosemary. Horse oil also comes in the form of hand creams, horse fat-infused sheet masks, and soothing gel creams.


Donkey and Goat Milk


Milk has long been known for its health and beauty perks (hello, Cleopatra). Enriched with a cocktail of vitamins and nutritious minerals, the creamy white liquid moisturizes dry skin, promotes healthy cells, and diminishes fine lines by strengthening the skin’s elasticity. Best of all, milk contains lactic acid, a naturally-derived AHA that gently exfoliates to reveal a smoother and brighter complexion.


unique skincare ingredients


In particular, donkey milk has been a popular choice for cosmetic use, as it contains 60 times more vitamin C than cow’s milk. Rich in fatty acids and ceramides, donkey milk forms a protective layer on skin for ultimate moisture retention. Proponents give high praise to the milk for its skin compatibility, which means it’s friendly to sensitive and normal skin types. Additionally, goat milk is another lactose alternative that’s high in lactic acid with skin-toning properties.


Add some dairy to your skincare routine with moisturizing creams infused with goat milk or donkey milk, as well as in a variety of skincare fare. The Imselene Donkey Milk Holic Sleeping Mask Pack is a current hot product for its ultra-hydrating properties that you can slather onto skin right before you hit the hay.


Bird’s Nest


unique skincare ingredients


Another bizarre (and slightly controversial) ingredient making its way into youth-rejuvenating creams and sheet masks is bird’s nest. No, we aren’t talking about twigs and dirt. The bird’s nest in question is made by swiftlets, cave-dwelling birds that craft their nests out of layers of hardened saliva. While bird’s nest extract has been consumed as an anti-aging, anti-cancer delicacy for over a thousand years, the nutritious ingredient has only recently been incorporated into cosmetics. Unfortunately, despite many brands’ claim that the extract has skin-repairing ability, there is still insufficient research to actually prove if it has dermatological staying power. We recommend that you always check where the extract stands on the list of ingredients, like this vigilant Reddit user does; the extract should be one of the first few ingredients listed in order for your skin to benefit from what the extract is hyped to do.




When a temple viper snake strikes, its venom paralyzes the muscles of the unsuspecting prey. While cosmetic companies are not injecting bona fide venom into your skincare products (or at least we hope not), Syn-ake is the synthetic version that mimics the effect of a peptide found in the toxin. First created by Swedish chemical company, Pentapharm Ltd., this “anti-wrinkle chemical” acts as a more affordable alternative to Botox, reducing fine lines in a similar way as the injections do. Much like the real venom, the topical treatment “paralyzes” the muscles, reducing contractions and cell movement to keep skin smooth and wrinkle-free.


unique skincare ingredients


There are a few drawbacks, though. According to The Derm Review, it’s been reported that the treatment is harsh on sensitive skin, and reveals that the results of a clinical trial showed no more than 52 percent reduction in wrinkle size after a month of application.


Of course, the anti-aging effect is only temporary, because gravity always wins. Nonetheless, it may be worth a try to ward off those pesky fine lines while you can. Get it in sundry forms, from essence formulas to sheet masks.


Of course, there’s a zoo of other ingredients that can elevate your skincare game, from the popular snail mucin with its powerful skin-repairing properties to antimicrobial bee venom and even salmon oil-infused dark circle-concealing eye creams that pack an omega-3-infused punch. Pick your poison, if you will, and let us know what your favorite unique skincare ingredients are in the comments below!



This Jamsu Makeup Hack Will Change the Way You Do Foundation


Before you (literally) take the plunge, take note from people who’ve tried the powder-water-dunking, foundation-setting jamsu trick out of Korea for the most flawless results.



Let’s dive right in.


Jamsu, which translates into “diving” or “submerging” in Korean, is the latest Korean trend that’s making the rounds in the beauty realm. (Do a search on YouTube and you’ll get over 30,000 results.) Believed to have been introduced by a Japanese beauty vlogger and made virally famous in Korea, the unusual face-smoothing technique has made appearances on widely watched beauty YouTube channels, reputable fashion magazines the likes of Vogue and Cosmopolitan, and even news sources like the Today Show. The hack promises ultra-soft, smooth, and mattified skin, as well as long-lasting makeup, with the use of two basic components: water and baby powder.




What makes this beauty trick so unique? It entails layering tons of powder all over your face after you’ve applied your foundation, and then dunking your face into cold water for 30 seconds or so. Yep, you read that right. You dunk your made-up face into water.


The method


The actual process is fairly simple:


1. First, apply your base makeup (primer, foundation, concealer) as you normally would onto a clean, moisturized face.


Bustle’s writer Danielle Sandoval tries out the jamsu makeup trend for herself.


2. Next, take a talc-free baby powder (keep reading to find out why) or loose face powder and generously apply it all over your face in an even layer. Your face should look abnormally powdery. Let it sit for a few minutes.


3. Meanwhile, fill a bowl (deep and wide enough to fit your entire face without touching the rim) with cold water.


4. Plunge your powdered face ear-deep into the water, making sure all powdered areas are submerged, and hold for 30 seconds or less. (Don’t worry, you can divvy this up into shorter increments, too.)


5. Once done, your face should be completely wet and powder-free. Gently pat — never rub — with a soft towel until dry. Continue with the remainder of your makeup routine. Your skin should be left feeling baby soft and smooth for the rest of day. 


The verdict


All in all, the response to the jamsu makeup trend has been a resounding success. For dry-to-oily skin types of all ethnicities, the hack delivers on its guarantee of matte, feels-like-it’s-not-there makeup. Vogue writer Monica Kim observes: “I quickly find, the results are beyond. Yes, my skin is intensely matte, but also incredibly smooth and even-toned. Better yet, when shading in my arches and applying liner, there is no oil-induced glide, allowing me to craft fine, pencil-thin strokes that are the best brow-work I’ve done in ages — all thanks to a $4 tin of drugstore powder. It lasts remarkably well with no under-eye smudging and, I’m frequently told, my face looks softer and even younger — appropriately enough, like the skin on a baby’s bottom.”


Bustle writer Danielle Sandoval recommends the jamsu trick for her matte-makeup lovers. Although she prefers a dewy look herself, she attests to the hack’s ability to create incredibly matte skin that lasts all day long.


Emily Slawek of the Today Show gets down and dirty with the jamsu trend.


Not yet sold? Emily Slawek from the Today Show raved about the powder-water-dunking trick, despite the mess the powder can make during application. (Tip: Don’t wear black). She tested her jamsu-finished makeup through a lunch date and even a gym session. “My foundation looked better than ever,” she gushed. “My pores were nearly invisible and my complexion looked smooth.” She recommends the technique for occasions when you need reliable, long-lasting makeup, such as for a wedding or an important photo-op event.


YouTube beauty vlogger Taylor, who goes by channel name thataylaa, swears that her blush, bronzer, and highlighter blended onto the shine-free skin with unprecedented ease. And the best part? Her makeup lasted through over 10 hours of wear.



There are some drawbacks to the mattifying trend, though. Taylor did notice some dry spots around her nose (however, it does appear that her nose accidentally grazed the bowl when she dunked), and she mentioned that the overall finish has a subtle texture, but nothing too cakey.



Beauty vloggers like YoonCharmi and Denise Lim loved the hack overall , but they, too, experienced powdery patches in spots especially prone to dryness. Despite this setback, the two vloggers went about their day in humid weather, participating in sweat-inducing activities. They came back home with oil-free, sweat-free, and streak-free makeup.


The product: baby powder vs. translucent powder


There’s a little bit of debate over whether or not one should use baby powder in lieu of a translucent face powder, or vice versa. We’ve seen YouTubers try the trick with both store-bought baby powder and best-selling mattifying powders, like the Innisfree No-Sebum Mineral Powder, and all have produced essentially the same results. If baby powder works for you, then it might be wise to apply the affordable drugstore powder over a more expensive translucent powder.


3CE Pink Rumor Blur Setting Loose Powder


One thing’s for sure: Stay away from baby powder that’s made with a base of talc powder, as that variety has recently been on the hot seat for its potential links to ovarian cancer and respiratory problems if inhaled. To be safe, opt for a cornstarch-based baby powder instead.


The takeaway: Tailor it to your skin type


As with anything related to beauty and skincare, you’ll have to tailor the method to your specific skin type. For skin that’s excessively dry, dunk your face into the water for only 10 to 15 seconds. For extremely dry skin, Vogue’s Monica Kim even suggests skipping the jamsu technique completely and opting for a generous spritzing of a hydrating face mist instead (although we can’t promise you’ll get the same results).


For normal-to-combination skin, keep your face submerged for up to 30 seconds, but no more than that, even for the super oily-prone.



We’ve seen the trick done with liquid foundations, BB creams, and cushion compacts by both Western and Korean brands. We recommend that you use a foundation or BB/CC cream that you’re certain works well with your skin.


Have we “wet” your appetite for the jamsu makeup trend yet? Let us know if you’ve tried the hack, and how it worked for you in the comments below!



Transform Into These K-Pop Baddies With 3 Bold Makeup Trends

k-pop baddies

Not every K-beauty look is natural and dewy. Take a cue from Korea’s hottest rappers and channel your inner badass with these unapologetic K-pop baddies makeup looks.



Korea has built a reputation for its signature look: dewy skin, a wide-eyed gaze, and lips reminiscent of a popsicle-stained pout on a summer day. But for K-beauty lovers who’ve got a penchant for the dark side, this baby-soft look simply won’t cut it. That’s why we turned to the edgiest female rappers on the K-pop scene for their twist on the classic Korean look.


k-pop baddies
Kim Eun-young, known by her stage name Cheetah, strikes an appropriate feline pose with matching blood-red lips and nails.


The Graphic Cat Eye


One sure-fire way to embolden your look is with the cat eye. A global makeup trend that takes disciplined practice to master, the sharp winged look not only enhances and widens your pupils, it can completely alter your persona.


A post shared by CL (@chaelincl) on


For our cat eye inspiration, we look to the “baddest female” in K-pop — none other than CL. Former 2NE1 member and current solo rapper making her claim to fame in the States, CL can attest to the power of makeup; her before-and-after makeup transformation is proof that a little smudged black eyeliner can go a long way.


k-pop baddies
Before-and-after: Rapper CL with and without makeup.


For a look that’s less kittenish and more badass, draw a thick, graphic cat eye for even more oomph with a pen liner like the best-selling Clio Peripera Kill Black Waterproof Pen Liner. (After all, if you want to transform into a K-pop star with a reputation like CL’s, bigger and bolder is always better.)


For those with monolids, don’t forget your favorite eyeshadow and trusty blending brush. If your eyes are hooded, your eyeliner may not be visible when you open your eyes, and without a well-blended backdrop of eyeshadow, your sharp cat eye may look too harsh and might even accentuate your monolids (and not in the good way). Define and amplify the wing with a mix of your preferred eyeshadows, blended for a dark, smoky finish, like CL’s look below.


k-pop baddies
Smudge your bottom lash line for the I-got-home-at-5AM-but-still-look-fabulous look, like former 2NE1 member and solo rapper CL.


For the daredevils: Go the extra mile and line the bottom lash line. Take a smudge brush and blur the line for a softer edge. (This works best with pencil or gel eyeliners like Tony Moly Back Gel Eyeliner). You can also use the darker eyeshadow color used on the top lid to smudge along the lower lash line.


Unconventionally Bold Lips


k-pop baddies
Cheetah in Ce Ci.


Put away your dainty lip tints and reach for bold lipsticks and stains. While the dewy, no-makeup look calls for a translucent gradient lip, the pout that K-pop baddies prefer relies on bold hues in an opaque finish. Unpretty Rapstar winner Cheetah pairs her graphic cat eye with a blood-red lip (and matching nails!), a look also favored by New York-born rapper Jessi.


k-pop baddies
One of two faces behind hip-hop duo Lucky J, Jessi oozes sex appeal in classic deep reds.


Girl group EXID’s main rapper Elly (better known by her stage name LE) gives her best sultry gaze with defined top-and-bottom lash lines, her porcelain skin complemented by the striking red-orange pigment of her lip product. (Get the look with the Ameli Lipstick Platlips in Plastic Orange; for blood-red, we like 3CE Dangerous Matte Lip in Keen.)


k-pop baddies
EXID’s LE in a signature red-orange lip.


Contour and Conquer


While the art of contouring is more heavily practiced here in the States, the sculpting makeup trend also has its place in the K-beauty scene, especially when it comes to creating photo shoot-worthy looks for the music industry’s baddest females. A precise and well-blended contour adds depth and dimension to the face, lifting up cheekbones and chiseling out the chin’s V-line.


#알아듣겠지 #getit 🎤 #윤하 #핫펠트 #치타

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Here’s how to get CL and Cheetah’s look: Taking a contouring product like Etude House Play 101 Stick Contour Duo, draw lines right below your cheekbones (it helps to pucker your lips so you can see the hollows beneath your cheeks), along the jawline, and at the highest points of your forehead. Blend in well.


k-pop baddies


If you’re not into a strongly chiseled face, you can still take advantage of the contouring trend. Outline only the perimeter of your face with light traces from your contouring product and blend well. This method will subtly shade your face’s outline, creating a shrinking effect and resulting in a smaller face look.


Combine the strong cat eye, bold lips, and contoured features and you’ve got all the ingredients to emulate your favorite K-pop baddies. Have you tried any of these bold makeup trends? Let us know in the comments below!




Here’s Why You Need to Try These Vlogger-Approved Skincare

vlogger-approved skincare

After a while, you realize that certain K-beauty products consistently gain love from micro-vloggers to bona fide Youtube stars over and over. Here, the vlogger-approved skincare products that are totally worth the hype.



With countless beauty vloggers sharing their personal recommendations on the latest and greatest Korean skincare and beauty products, it’s nearly impossible to watch try ‘em all. That’s why we dove headlong into the YouTube realm to find out exactly which Korean skincare products have outlived the hype and remain a tried-and-true product in vloggers’ skincare collections. Get your shopping carts ready for these vlogger-approved skincare products you won’t be able to live without.


vlogger-approved skincare
Jen of meejmuse.


Oil-based cleanser: Heimish All Clean Balm


Although we could wax poetic about countless other skincare categories for various skin concerns, we’ll start this list with one essential product that’s a must-have for your cleansing routine. We’re talking about an oil-based cleanser. The first step in a double cleanse, an oil-based cleanser (whether it’s in the form of a balm, oil, or gel) is crucial in achieving a clean slate for your face, especially if you’ve had a full day of makeup and sweat-inducing activities. Oil dissolves oil, so an oil-based cleanser will gently but thoroughly melt away makeup, sunscreen, sebum, and other pollutants that have accumulated on your skin.


One such cleanser is the Heimish All Clean Balm, a sherbet-soft balm quickly gaining popularity with K-beauty vloggers. Free of dyes, parabens, and artificial fragrance, the All Clean Balm from the relatively new Korean beauty brand gently melts away makeup and is safe to use around sensitive areas like the eyes. Korean vlogger meejmuse mentioned the cleansing balm in both her February 2016 and 2017 favorites video, so you know it wasn’t a one-time fluke.



Cleansing Waters: Son&Park Beauty Water & Dr.Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water


Search for Son&Park Beauty Water in the YouTube search engine, and you’ll instantly get over 300,000 results, including the most notable K-beauty reviewers (like Jenn Im of Clothes Encounters below) giving their stamp of approval on the popular cleansing water. Needing no introduction, the Son&Park Beauty Water quickly became — and remains — a cult favorite for its cleansing, exfoliating, toning, brightening, and moisturizing properties. Housed in a sleek, minimalistic bottle, the naturally fragranced cleansing water is best used on a soft cotton pad swept in an upward motion over the face and neck.



If Beauty Water doesn’t float your boat, try the Dr.Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water. An all-in-one cleansing water, Dermaclear removes impurities, tones the skin, brightens the complexion, and can even dissolve stubborn mascara. Tati (a YouTuber with over 3 million subscribers) swears by the cleansing water infused with natural ingredients and 85% active hydrogen mineral water instead of refined water.



Acne care: COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch


YouTube beauty besties Joan Kim and Edward Avila both swear by the COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch as their top go-to product for spot treatments in 2016. The patches are made from cellulose gum and come in various sizes to fit your specific acne spot. Place them on an all-out angry pimple or spots that look like they’re about to break out; the patches will extract and absorb acne secretion overnight and act as a barrier against dirt and bacteria. They’re great for cystic acne, according to Joan, and perhaps most importantly, they’ll stop you from picking at your acne until it heals.



Exfoliators: Skinfood Black Sugar Mask & Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine


vlogger-approved skincare


This is a classic that’s been a favorite amongst avid skincare devotees for years: Skinfood’s Black Sugar Mask. There’s a reason why the sweet-smelling mask has outlasted other competing brand’s counterparts for so long, and it has to do with its trustworthy exfoliating powers. The real brown sugar crystals within the mineral-enriched mask break through the barrier of dead skin cells and extract impurities while clearing up blackheads and whiteheads. A mask and scrub in one, it starts off as a thick sugar scrub and then melts into a nourishing and exfoliating mask. It’s a staple in beauty vlogger So Young’s nighttime skincare routine.



The Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine is another ubiquitous exfoliating product used and loved by K-beauty gurus the world over. Beauty vlogger Susan Yara of Mixed Makeup likes the fermented wine-soaked pads because they’re rich in resveratrol, a powerful antioxidant that fights free radical damage. These pads also exfoliate your skin with lactic acid, a gentle AHA or alpha hydroxy acid, as well as its criss-cross texture that helps manually remove dead skin cells.



First, use the side of the cotton pad with criss-crossed texture to exfoliate dead skin cells; then, turn the pad over and smooth the softer end all over the skin to remove any remaining residue.


Did you start using any of these vlogger-approved skincare products because of them? What other products do you use because of beauty vloggers? Let us know below!


Woman Wonder: How I Learned To Embrace My Monolids


Inspired by Wonder Woman, we asked the K-Beauty Squad to share with us how they are a Woman Wonder in their own lives. Here, associate editor Ruth Kim shares how she learned to embrace her monolids, and how K-beauty helped her recognize the beauty in difference.



Monolids. Eyelids that lack the epicanthal fold, to be exact — or what I referred to in my formative years as the stark definition of my Asianness.


An early ’90s baby, I grew up in a predominantly white suburb in the heart of Orange County, California, in a small, modest town called Fountain Valley. (Our slogan? A Nice Place To Live.) I attended a small, private K-8 Christian school in Huntington Beach (aka Surf City — aka the land of blue-eyed, blonde-haired babes and bros), and my graduating class had a grand total of six Asians. Once I’d graduated from preteen-dom and moved on to a public high school, I found myself surrounded by more similar faces — but even then, the whitewashed cast of Hollywood’s major motion pictures and television shows presented a different ideal image.


Looking back, it’s dawning on me that I grew up with an endless identity crisis. As a Korean American (and yes, that’s unhyphenated for a reason), I straddled two different cultures, two different worldviews, and two completely different beauty standards — and boy, were those standards on opposing ends of the spectrum.


For starters, tanning is a beloved leisurely activity in good ol’ Southern California, and thanks to inheriting my dad’s skin-genes, I’m naturally on the tanner side (despite my desperate attempts in my older years to avoid UV rays at all costs). Koreans, on the other hand, are known for having (and their arduous upkeep of) pale white skin. Whenever I’d visit my relatives in Korea, or vice versa, you can bet that I heard comments about how tan I was, and it didn’t help that almost every girl or woman that I would pass on the streets of Korea literally glowed (and it wasn’t because of their skincare routines).




Tan lines aside, the main gripe I had with my appearance was my eyes, the monolidded windows to my soul. They seemed so small, flat, and harsh-edged compared to their softer, bigger, and (to me) prettier double-creased counterparts. So I started wearing makeup in late middle school, learning how to enlarge my eyes with a swipe of eyeliner and a blend of eyeshadows. From then on, I never the left the house without makeup on, dreading the idea of being exposed without my safety blanket. And to make matters worse, it didn’t help that double eyelid surgery was becoming more and more prevalent in both the U.S. and especially in Korea (where today it’s become such a normal activity that advertisements of before-and-after’s are plastered all over subway billboards, and my 13-year-old Korean cousins whine jealously about their friends getting the procedure over spring break). All of these factors pressured me into thinking that I needed cosmetics or surgery to make me look beautiful.


It wasn’t only until a year or two ago that I actually started leaving the house without any eye makeup, and I didn’t feel like an alien in my own body. (I still wore foundation and brows, though — I wasn’t that brave!) I thought about what it was exactly that helped me slowly embrace my monolids, and I think I owe this change in perspective to the gradually increasing presence of Asian faces and Asian culture on YouTube channels, in Facebook videos, and on my Instagram feed. And while Asian presence in mainstream media could still use a violent light push in the right, progressive direction (cough, Hawaii Five-0), I could at least tap open any social media platform and see a familiar face staring back at me.


The author looking gorgeous sans makeup and with.


My true celebrity crushes aren’t blue-eyed, bearded faces (sorry, Gosling); they’re women like Sandra Oh or Constance Wu breaking boundaries on the screen, or digital influencers like Claire Marshall or Sophia Chang — both of whom are fellow monolidders who radiate confidence, whether they’re in front of the camera, with or without makeup.


I’ll still choose to wear makeup regularly. And I’ll go through days like every other human being where I feel self-conscious about my looks. But I’m proud of how far I’ve come in embracing my unique beauty. (Seriously, it’s a wonder to me, a far cry from my younger days.) And best of all, my K-beauty routine helps with this, too. Understanding the fundamentals of K-beauty — that everybody’s skin is unique, and that what may work for my skin may not work for you — has opened my almond-shaped, monolidded eyes to the world of difference that we live in.


‘Cause it’s not only about embracing single-creased eyelids. It’s about celebrating every shade of skin color under the sun, from black to brown to white to yellow — as long as they’re SPF-protected, of course.


What feature have you struggled with in your past that you now embrace? Let’s talk about it! Tell me in the comments below.


These Epic Korean Vlogger Transformations Will Make Your Jaw Drop

korean vlogger transformations

From Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift to a cyborg and living artwork, Korean vlogger transformations are taking beauty to a whole new, wholly surreal level. Disclaimer: You should not totally try this at home.



For an up close and personal look at all things K-beauty, get lost down the rabbit hole that is the YouTube beauty blogger-sphere. Whether you’re looking for a neutral, dewy look for your everyday or a jaw-dropping makeup metamorphosis, the Korean beauty babes of YouTube run the gamut on makeup tutorials, from videos that will perfect your smoky eye game or have you looking like the next Taylor Swift. With countless YouTubers to add to your queue, we rounded up a few of our favorite must-see Korean beauty bloggers to kick off your makeup marathon.




With a quirky personality and often guffaw-inducing humor, Risabae has gained a well-deserved reputation in the Korean beauty world. With over 750,000 subscribers to her channel (that’s only less than two years old to date), Risabae is the chameleon of beauty YouTubers who isn’t afraid of tackling even the scariest of challenges (watch her Conjuring-inspired transformation, if you dare). Her tutorials include mid-video dance breaks and poker-faced sarcasm, and of course, insanely skilled makeup evolutions that you just have to see to believe. Our favorites include the “dragged face” look and the cartoonish makeup inspired by pop art.


korean vlogger transformations
Art imitating life. Risabae’s pop art look.


korean vlogger transformations
No, this is not an error. This is Risabae’s finished “dragged face” look.


#cyborgmakeup #risabae #이사배 늦게까지 봐주셔서 감사해요 ! 😭❤️

A post shared by ” 메이크업아티스트 이사배 ” (@risabae_art) on


In this video, Risabae reveals the final look of her pop art makeup tutorial. She achieved a flawless, smooth base with the VDL Perfecting Last Foundation.


And in this video, you’ll be blown away at Risabae’s skill (and speed!) in creating her “dragged face” look.



Pony Makeup


korean vlogger transformations


If there’s one name you should know in the world of Korean beauty vloggers, it’s Pony—and when it comes to makeup, she doesn’t horse around. With over 2.3 million (and counting) subscribers to her channel, Park Hye-Min aka Pony notably rose to fame as the formidable CL’s personal makeup artist, and has a slew of accomplishments under her makeup belt, including her own cosmetics line and a published book on her work.


Pony has plenty of chatty GRWM (get-ready-with-me) videos, natural-hued makeup looks, and sponsored content, but the tutorials that take the cake are her celebrity transformations. Her unbelievable about-face into pop star Taylor Swift garnered over 12 million views, while her metamorphosis into plump-lipped Kylie Jenner has a hefty view count of over 3 million — and they’re all created with simple tools like the humble Skinfood Wedge Puff Sponge. Watch for yourself and be mesmerized.





Saerom Min




With a smaller audience than Pony or Dayeong, Korean makeup artist Saerom Min is nonetheless a big-time beauty YouTuber in Korea who deserves her spot in the limelight. She has her own blog that features her informative video tutorials as well as more in-depth reviews of the products she uses. We’re loving her makeup transformations into well-known celebrities, including actress and girl group Miss A’s Suzy and American fashion model Gigi Hadid. The Gigi-inspired brows alone had us clicking “subscribe.”





Dayeong’s Beauty Drawing


With gorgeous almond eyes and a narrow face, Dayeong has been gracing the YouTube world with her beauty videos since 2011. Over 200 videos demonstrate her expertise in all things beauty, including product hauls and everyday makeup look tutorials — and don’t worry, most of her recent videos have English subtitles. We’re smitten with this makeup how-to for Rose Day (May 14th in Korea, a day on which you give and receive roses to and from loved ones), but we’re girl-crushing hard on Dayeong’s transformation into the evil Mother Gothel from Disney’s Tangled, with wrinkles and all.



Have you tried any of these Korean vlogger transformations? Would you even try? Let us know in the comments below!

The Best Beauty Looks of 2NE1 & How You Can Recreate Them


We’re paying a visual homage to 2NE1, one of South Korea’s most idolized girl groups, and their lasting impression on the world of K-pop, fashion, and beauty trends. Here’s how you can recreate Minzy, Dara, Bom, and CL’s beauty looks, then and now.



It’s not too late to join the Blackjacks, the worldwide fan base for the recently-retired girl group, 2NE1. Although the internationally recognized idols have now gone their separate ways to solo music, acting, and modeling careers, the formidable K-pop phenomenon as we know it — and their eight-year-long legacy — live on through their catchy tunes, statement-making fashion, and of course, their trendsetting status as beauty icons of Korea.


With early singles like “Can’t Nobody” and “Fire” to unforgettable hits like “Lonely” and “I Am The Best,” the four bold women of 2NE1 provided plenty of inspiration since their debut in 2009 with their often outlandish outfits, accessories, hair, and makeup.


An eclectic 2009 look for 2NE1’s first hit single “Lollipop.”


In 2009, you know 2NE1 meant business in their winged Adidas sneakers, styled for the music video of their upbeat single, “Fire.”


In 2011 (from left to right): Dara, Bom, CL, and Minzy for their 2nd Mini Album EP.


In 2012, the group took on a whole new sophisticated vibe for their first Japan album Collection.


In January 2017: Tears were shed when filming for 2NE1’s last song “Goodbye” came to an end. Fourth member Minzy had already left the group for her solo career in 2016.


Although some of us might cringe looking back at the fashion choices in their first-ever single, “Lollipop,” we think there’s a lot to learn in the visual timeline of 2NE1’s transformation, from fresh faces in the industry to sophisticated stars on the next leg of their careers. Let’s take a closer beauty look at the women who made up the dominating quartet.




The youngest of the four, Minzy was the group’s main dancer, showing off her singing and rapping chops throughout their albums. In the early days of 2NE1, her style was bold and bright — she rocked thick cat-eyes with pops of color and thick lashes, not to mention hairstyles in interesting cuts and shades.


Minzy was all about blunt cuts and bold eyes for the group’s debut album, To Anyone, released in 2010.


Get Minzy’s 2NE1 look:


Use a soft gel eyeliner in black, like the popular Banila Co. Eye Love Cushion Gel Eyeliner, paired with a smudge-able brush, such as Etude House’s My Beauty Tool Brush 320 Eyeliner. The small tip allows for precise wings, and the soft bristles are great for blurring any harsh edges. The result? Perfectly defined eyes with the slightest hazy finish, which complements bold cuts and colors.


Minzy channeling space war vibes in the promo for 2NE1’s “All Or Nothing” (AON) tour in 2014.


Minzy looks relatively fresh-faced and natural sporting a black bob in the music video for 2013 single “Do You Love Me.”


A 2014 ‘gram of Minzy at Tower Records.


A classic car selfie from 2NE1’s youngest former member, taken in early 2017. Instagram @_minzy_mz


Get Minzy’s new look:


It’s safe to say that Minzy has come a long way from a heavy-handed cat-eye, especially now that she’s embarking on a solo musical career. We love her updated take on subtly lined eyes, which can be replicated using Clio’s Kill Black Waterproof Pen Eyeliner. The full, brushed brows are key for this soft look; we like the results of the Tony Moly Coloring Browcara, which fills in brows and adds the slightest tint of color. Finish with a girly wash of blush, like Skinfood’s Rose Essence Soft Cream Blusher, and your favorite pink, matte finish lip color — and don’t forget to pop on natural lashes for good measure.


Park Bom


Launching her career in 2006, Park Bom — or who’s also simply known as Bom — joined 2NE1’s lineup as the main vocalist for the group. Although some news of scandal pushed the sweet-voiced singer out of the spotlight for a couple of years later in her career, Bom has still managed to build quite a repertoire, singing alongside K-pop stars the likes of Lee Hyori, G-Dragon, Big Bang, Epik High, and Lexy. Through her various outfits for 2NE1, Bom’s signature style has generally remained the same: sweet and sexy with a touch of glamour.


Bom’s casual look for 2NE1’s 1st Mini Album in 2009.


Up close with Bom in the music video for the 2009 hit single, “Fire.” YouTube 2NE1


The 2013 single “Missing You” called for faux fur, chain chokers, and glitter-studded eyes.


Get Bom’s 2NE1 look:


While neutral colored eyeshadows are the norm for most Koreans, a touch of color can make a world of a difference in brightening those eyes and setting you apart from the crowd. Sweep on a layer of a shimmery shade, like Ameli’s Sparkle Spot Eyeshadow in Soda Blue or Angel Wings, a gorgeous seafoam green. Take note of Bom’s no-fuss cat-eye, winged to perfection with a precise felt or brush tip liner (Clio’s Kill Black Waterproof Brush Liner will do the trick).


Park Bom on 2014 World Tour “All Or Nothing” (AON) in the Philippines.


Bom pays homage to the now disbanded 2NE1 group and her beloved fans, the Blackjacks, in this recent Instagram post. Instagram @newharoobompark


Get Bom’s new look:


If one thing’s for sure, Bom loves a full set of lashes. Keeping the face makeup and lip color neutral, the now 32-year-old singer makes sure her eyes do the talking with thick, glamouous lashes. Try out 3CE’s Eyelashes in #13 or The Face Shop Pro Eyelashes in 08 Smoky for a similar sultry look.


Sandara Park


Better known by her stage name Dara, the singer-turned-multitalented Korean icon (she’s now hosting Korea’s top beauty show, Get It Beauty) joined 2NE1 at the young age of 25. But before her rise to international stardom through the popular girl group, Dara had already reached idol status in other parts of Asia, where she was known as the “BoA of the Philippines.” Needless to say, her influence goes far beyond the small peninsula of South Korea. The baby-faced singer is known for her risk-taking attitude (she’s rocked head-turning hairstyles like the “palm-tree” ponytail in the hit single “Lollipop,” and a one-sided buzz cut for the song “I Love You”), and when it comes to beauty and fashion, Dara might be the most versatile out of the crew.


Dara’s hip-hop look for the music video for the 2009 hit single, “Fire.”


Dara’s rock star persona shines for the group’s debut album To Anyone released in 2010.


Dara shed any sugary-sweet vibes and made waves when she dyed and shaved a side of her signature locks in 2012.


Yep, the newly-appointed Get It Beauty host for 2017 once sported a matching tracksuit and cornrows.


Get Dara’s 2NE1 look:


For that lit-from-within glow, try the VDL Lumilayer Primer, a blogger-approved primer that adds a sheer violet-hued layer to cancel out any dullness. Pat on your favorite dewy BB cream or CC cushion compact for medium coverage, and line the eyes with an easy gliding liquid liner like the Etude House Oh My Line eyeliner. Finish the look with a shiny lip gloss, and style hair with loose, messy waves.


Dara stunned Blackjacks the world over in her shoot for Elle Korea Magazine in 2013.


Dara x Vogue Girl Korea in 2015.


Talk about a transformation. From grungy, hip-hop-inspired attire to ethereal garb and angelic glow, Dara proves that she’s got a knack for being a true beauty chameleon. Ditching the edgier cat-eye, Dara glowed in radiant skin, “no-makeup” eye makeup, and a barely-there pink lip gloss for her editorial shoot for Elle and then an edgier, fashion-forward beauty look for Vogue Girl.


Get Dara’s new look:


Dara’s faux-freckled look had us swooning over the ultra-defined spider lashes and unexpectedly colorful lash lines. First, line the upper lash line with a black or dark brown eyeliner, and contrast the lower lash line with a teal-colored counterpart; you can choose your preferred color from the Holika Holika line of colorful Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliners.


Next, pick a volumizing mascara like Clio’s Peripera Salon de Cara Mascara or A’Pieu’s High Stretching Mascara. Instead of zig-zagging the brush through your lashes, which separates and makes the lashes look more natural, apply mascara in an upward motion, let dry, and apply another coat to add thickness. There are many ways to get the clumped lash look; one method is to apply a final light layer of mascara, and to use tweezers to essentially “stick” the lashes together.


Finally, apply tiny random dots all over the nose and cheeks with soft touch eyebrow pencils in light and dark browns for a more realistic effect. Try Swanicoco Show the Eyes Color Artist Eyebrow in Real Brown and The Saem Eco Soul Powerproof Mega Slim Brow in Light Brown.




Talented rapper and ringleader CL (or Lee Chae-rin) has stayed most true to her style out of her three 2NE1 sisters. You’ll always see the 26-year-old singer-songwriter sporting her signature cat-eye, varying from sleek and simple to full-on smoky and intense. Her upbringing in culture-rich cities like Paris and Tokyo shines through in her eclectic and unapologetically unique style. She made her solo debut in the States with head-banger songs like “Hello Bitches” and “Lifted”; and Time even calls the budding Korean talent the “future of K-pop in America.”


CL’s look for 2010 single, “Try To Follow Me.”


CL basically being the baddest in the music video for her 2013 solo single, “The Baddest Female.”


CL x Harper’s Bazaar in 2013.


CL x W Korea Magazine in 2015.


Get CL’s 2NE1 (and still current) look:


While we love CL’s signature K-pop baddie style (thick-lined cat-eye and smoky shadows), we’re head-over-heels for this almost futuristic take on her classic look. For the ultra-precise winged eye, use a sharp felt or brush tipped eyeliner like Clio’s best-selling Kill Black liner. Pay special attention to the under-the-cheek contour, using a warm-toned shading kit or bronzer for glowing definition. Seal the deal with a vampy lip — 3CE’s Matte Lip Color in shade Gone Bad sounds right up CL’s alley.


Whose style do you love the most? Let us know who your inner 2NE1 girl is in the comments below!


All photos:, unless otherwise stated.




Behind the Rims and Red Lips: Korea’s Top Makeup Artist Jung Saem Mool

Jung Saem Mool

Saying Jung Saem Mool knows her base makeup is like saying Pat McGrath knows a bit about highlighting. From her celebrity clients to her seven-pronged approach to makeup application, here’s everything you need to know about Korea’s most distinguished and trailblazing makeup artist.



“Beauty starts from you. Just believe.”


It’s a fitting mantra for Korea’s most recognized and influential makeup artist, Jung Saem Mool, who has a reputation for inspiring the masses with her unparalleled know-how in all things beauty. Hailed for her many accomplishments — she was the first to create the translucent makeup look, for starters — Jung Saem Mool has over 25 years of experience in the industry. She has more than 300,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel (with 33 million views to boot), an eponymous, much sought after cosmetics line, and her own beauty academy where she generously shares her wealth of knowledge to young aspiring cosmeticians from both Korea and abroad. Jung also makes special guest appearances on Get It Beauty, Korea’s top beauty show for all things skincare and cosmetics.


Jung Saem Mool
Korea’s most influential makeup artist, Jung Saem Mool, doing what she does best. Facebook/jung.saem.mool.inspiration


The many faces of Jung Saem Mool


If, by chance, her name doesn’t ring a bell, you’re likely already a fan of her work. Jung and her team of beauty instructors and experts have worked their makeup magic on Korea’s most renowned celebrities in both the K-pop world and drama-sphere. A few notable names (among countless others) include actresses Jun Ji Hyun (My Love from Another Star, My Sassy Girl), Song Hye Kyo (Descendants of the Sun, Full House), Kim Tae Hee (see the Iris and Yong-pal star’s wedding makeup here), and Choi Ji Woo (Stairway to Heaven), as well as K-pop legends like Lee Hyori, BoA, Kara, and Miss A.


Jung Saem Mool
JSM gives the final touches to Choi Ji Woo’s sexy look. Instagram @jungsaemmool11


And it’s not just actresses and pop stars in Korea that have been touched by Jung’s magic brush. Jung was the go-to makeup artist for Olympic figure skating champ Kim YunaShe’s also building relationships across international waters, partnering with Chinese actress Tang Wei, collaborating with social media personalities (hello, Whitney Bae and Angelina Danilova), and introducing Korea’s best makeup and skincare trends during recent visits to Paris and New York.  


Jung Saem Mool
With Chinese actress Tang Wei.


Jung Saem Mool
The Korean makeup pioneer with beauty YouTubers Angelina Danilova, left, and Whitney Bae. Instagram @jungsaemmool11


Expressing art through makeup


So how did the makeup artist go from humble cosmetician to becoming the most sought-after name in the K-beauty industry? Her passion for the trade and her keen eye for fine arts. It was precisely this attention to detail and the dimensional intricacies of the discipline, coupled with an endless thirst to refine her skill, that elevated Jung’s knack for creating masterpieces in her makeup portfolio. Even in her mid-30s, with years of experience already under her belt, she left Korea to further her education at San Francisco’s Academy of Art University.


“I was 36 years old when I went to San Francisco, which was 16 years after I started working as a makeup artist,” said Jung in an interview with Korea JoongAng Daily. “At the time, I had my own shop and academy, but there was that last 2 percent missing. … While studying fine arts for four and a half years at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, I learned that there are certain rules for drawing and sculpting. Then I found out some of the same rules can be applied to doing makeup, which resulted in KOD7.”


Jung Saem Mool
The seven techniques behind KOD7.


KOD7 is a set of seven principles that combines Jung’s natural intuition for makeup with her acquired knowledge of the fine arts. The seven techniques pinpoint varying aspects of makeup application: “thin and thick” contours and creates dimension; “warm and cool” creates color contrast and youthfulness; “wet and dry” layers different textures for long-lasting makeup; “lost and found” widens eyes and defines lips; “facial point” draws the eyes’ attention to a focused point for complexion balance; “simple and complex” highlights the best features of an individual’s face; and “old and new” maximizes the latest trends in makeup while staying true to one’s own style.


All of these principles are founded on Jung’s belief that makeup should be individualized and customized for each and every person’s unique face shape and one-of-a-kind skin type.


“Being in this industry for over 25 years has helped [me] gain the specialty of finding something beautiful in all faces I come across,” explained Jung. “I want to sit in person with people who believe that they are not beautiful and enlighten them that it is not true. In a society like Korea where comparing has become so common, it is hard to develop your own standard in defining beauty. I want to be that person who can kick-start people’s minds into thinking of themselves as beautiful gems.”



For example, although most Korean women tend to opt for whiter skin, Jung shows that the porcelain look isn’t for everyone — in fact, choosing shades that are not true to one’s skin tone can actually cause the foundation to look like it’s simply sitting on top of the skin, resulting in an unnatural complexion.


The artist teaches this concept and more at the Jung Saem Mool Art & Academy, which was established in 2005. Jung and her staff of beauty instructors and connoisseurs provide hands-on learning experiences on topics ranging from the basics of makeup (with an emphasis in fine arts) to applying new trends circulating throughout the makeup-sphere. The academy is a popular choice for aspiring makeup artists both in Asia and abroad.


Jung Saem Mool
A peek inside the Jung Saem Mool Art & Academy.


Jung’s reach doesn’t end there. She has seven atelier and store locations in Korea to which both celebs and citizens flock for their beauty fix, plus her own webzine dedicated to everything beauty-related. Jung also launched two cosmetic lines to help realize her seven-pronged makeup philosophy, Müle in 2011 and the eponymous Jung Saem Mool (JSM) collection in 2015. JSM is often used by her team in their various online tutorials.


JSM’s fundamentals for dewy skin


Jung Saem Mool
The before-and-after comparison in Jung Saem Mool’s tutorial on tips for dewy skin.


Jung is perhaps best known for her meticulous base makeup, arguably the key to any K-beauty makeup look. And in a country like Korea, harsh winters can lead to a buildup of dead skin cells and dehydration, creating a challenge for good base makeup. JSM makeup artist Chae Kyung takes to the pulpit in this YouTube video to share her beauty tips for creating a dewy, flake-free makeup base in seven steps (and of course, five of them are all about skincare).



1. Begin by applying ample amounts of facial oil all over the face, gently massaging the product into the skin.


Pro tip: First massage the oil in the direction of your facial hair growth. Then massage in the opposite direction of your hair growth to dislodge any dead skin cells and debris from your pores. 


2. Soak a cotton tip in the same essential face oil and concentrate the product in the areas around your nose where dead skin cells and dirt can accumulate, as well as around the lips and the center of your chin.


Pro tip: Don’t simply dab the point of the cotton tip into the aforementioned areas. Lay the swab flat against your face and swipe it back and forth over your skin. This will more effectively lift up dead skin cells, oil-based debris, and water-based dirt for a clean, smooth base.


Jung Saem Mool


3. In a basin or sink filled with lukewarm water, soak a clean facial sponge and gently wipe away the excess oil and dead skin cells.


Pro tip: This method exfoliates the skin without causing irritation and more powerfully cleanses the skin by doing what sponges do best — soaking up and absorbing — leaving minimal traces of excess oil and dirt on your face.


4. Adequately soak a couple of cotton pads with your toner. Interlacing the pad around your middle finger, gently swipe the toner all over the face, concentrating on the T-zone and on the cheeks.


Pro tip: Using soft cotton pads sweeps away any remaining dirt or oil from the skin.


5. Apply an ample amount of your favorite essence onto the forehead, cheeks, and chin. In a gentle motion, distribute the product all over the face with your fingertips.


Pro tip: Tap the essence lightly using your fingers to accelerate and increase absorption.


Jung Saem Mool


6. With your cushion compact applicator, mix your favorite cushion with a small amount of moisturizer. Chae likes Jung Saem Mool Essential Mool Cream for this step because of its low viscosity texture that immediately liquefies upon contact for fast absorption and ultimate hydration. You’ll observe in the tutorial that this “moisture-wrapping cream” is noticeably lightweight, thin, and fluid.


Pro tip: As you might have guessed, infusing a watery, fast-absorbing cream with your moisturizing cushion foundation results in ultra-hydrated skin. And what’s more, the moisture will literally adhere or cling to your skin, giving you that sought-after dewy skin glow. Remember to use Korea’s number one rule (pat pat pat) with your cushion in order to ensure that the foundation is fully absorbed and blended into your skin.


7. As always, polish your look with well-moisturized lips, which can be created with a tinted lip balm of your liking.


Let us know if you tried this tutorial, plus your favorite Jung Saem Mool-inspired beauty tips!



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