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Hello ! This is Alice :) Welcome !! 

At , we ALWAYS offer samples for every order ! 


the bigger the order the more freebies you get and that can even include free full size products, free EMS shipping and tons of other gifts :)  

Of course, the shipping is also offered for every order already, but that's really not all that comes along with your shopping experience here :D 


To help you understanding a bit better what this is all about , enjoy and happy shopping <3

PLEASE NOTE that this is the basic gift policy but you should always receive more, never less :))) 

ALSO , you do receive some samples , I usually give 1 sample for every $10 spent :) meaning that if you spend $100 with me , you will get 10 samples ... Yes 10 !  AND THOSE EXTRA GIFT BELOW AS WELL !!! :D 

 IMPORTANT NOTE : The value is not the only thing that I take into account, I also take into consideration the number of items bought :) 

For example , I will give more freebies for orders composed of let's say 3-4 lipstick or very light products :) 



I am currently giving away as special gift some lip gloss or makeup sponges for orders around $95 to $100



W2beauty gift policy

PS : there are also bottle samples that I include here and there :) Extra surprise hehe


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