Male Celebs Who Love Their Sheet Masks (And They’re Not Korean)

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Because when a Marvel superhero shows himself #sheetfaced, you know it’s a thing. Check out these non-Korean male celebs who aren’t afraid to show that real men wear sheet masks.



Although men’s skincare is at an all-time high in Korea (with Korean men holding the spot for the world’s top per capita consumers of men’s skincare products), that’s certainly not the case for your average Western male. Though it doesn’t look like too many will be taking on a 10-step skincare regimen anytime soon, there’s hope that the simplicity and benefits of a sheet mask will appeal to more and more men as a growing number of Western male celebs hop on the #sheetfaced bandwagon.


Described as mini DIY facials, Korean sheet masks have been all the rage for American women for years. These disposable, single-use, serum-infused face masks address a variety of skin concerns, including dryness, dullness skin, and acne. There are even masks that promise to give you a mini facelift or a more V-line shape.


And it seems like sheet masks have finally begun catching on with some of Hollywood’s leading men. Just last year, British GQ dedicated an article to sheet masks saying, “It’s been hard to avoid the male celebs taking to Instagram to show their love for sheet face masks.


“The sheet mask has been our skin saviour numerous times,” the article continued. “When you’ve got to go out and you’re still hanging from the night before, to repair the damage from the parching air con of a long haul flight and before that event that you just want to look your best for — and — [sic] at the very least they make a Halloween costume for the woefully under-prepared.”


As more and more mainstream outlets have begun encouraging men to turn to sheet masks, they all point to some A-lister trendsetters who have been unafraid to show off a bit of “mampering.” A more recent GQ piece praised these celebs saying, “Chris Pratt, Justin Bieber, Diddy, even: all are guys who have, at one point or another, show an appreciation for the finer things in life by posting a selfie in a face mask, proudly touting their skincare prowess for all the world to see.”


Chris Pratt



If you thought Chris Pratt was the last guy you’d imagine as a skincare guru, well, you’d probably be right. While the Guardians of the Galaxy star certainly knows how to doll himself up, he seemed quite confused when he took his sheet mask selfie backstage during an appearance on The Late Show, even calling the mask creepy. Can we blame him?


Justin Bieber


A post shared by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on


Just before the Grammy’s last year, Justin Bieber posted a selfie while rocking a hydrating mask (we like Moksha’s Dear Shea Butter Sheet Mask). Bieber has not been shy about his love of skincare. The previous year, covered in a Tarte Clay Mask, he posted a selfie on Snapchat with the caption, “Masks are essential.” It looks like he chose a great upgrade.


John Stamos


#SecretWeapon No more Greek yogurt facials, @bioxideausa all the way.

A post shared by John Stamos (@johnstamos) on


If there’s any celeb known for maintaining his youthful charm, it’s John Stamos. So when he revealed that sheet masks are his secret weapon, it all made sense. He also made it known that Greek yogurt facials were his former skincare go-to.





A post shared by DIDDY (@diddy) on


When Diddy decided to show off his three-step pre-Oscar facial through Instagram videos, he certainly didn’t hold back. After using an electronic toning device and a hot towel to open up his pores, Diddy revealed that his final step is an ultra-hydrating sheet mask. Personally, I think we should all listen to Diddy on this one, and grab ourselves a hydrating gel mask and shine together.

James Franco


james franco eye patch sheet mask on twitter male celebs


If there’s one person who’s been completely unafraid to show off his skincare regimen, it’s James Franco. “I feel kind of ridiculous when they’re on,” Franco said of his eye masks on Twitter. “It makes me realize what a strange life I have so I like to just document it and share it and not hide that I live a slightly ridiculous life.” True to his word, Franco continues to post an ample amount of eye mask selfies.


5 Korean Male Celebs Who Have Better Skin Than You

korean male celebs

Because when it comes to K-beauty, a gorgeous complexion knows no gender. Check out these 5 Korean male celebs who’ll make you drool for entirely different reasons.



There are many thoughts that go through my head while watching Korean dramas. Why is there so much yelling? Why don’t I look like that when I cry? Why didn’t I notice I’ve been watching all night long? Why do these guys always have better skin than me!?


Of course, I’m certainly not the only one who’s noticed this. As the years have gone by, more and more South Korean men have embraced skincare. In fact, it’s become so common that it’s quite normal to see male faces on some of the most popular Korean skincare brands. Just take a look at these five male celebs whose complexion leaves us absolutely envious.


Kim Soo Hyun

kim soo hyun korean male celebs


Many fans first laid eyes on Kim Soo Hyun in the popular 2011 K-drama Dream High, but that certainly wasn’t our last look. In fact, Kim reached international fame after the 2013 drama My Love From Another Star. His look was so appealing that Kim became the nationwide ambassador for The Face Shop, one of Korea’s most successful skincare and cosmetics brands. After all, his co-star Jun Ji Hyun (she of the perfect complexion) joked that she wanted to start taking better care of her skin after seeing how flawless his face was. And let’s be honest — who doesn’t want to try The Face Shop’s CC Cushion after seeing Kim’s promo for it?


Lee Min Ho

lee min ho innisfree male celebs korean male celebs

Who doesn’t think back on the 2009 K-drama Boys Over Flowers with a smile? The “oldie but goodie” brought us the mesmerizing face of actor Lee Min Ho, who went on to film a number of other popular dramas like Heirs (2013) and The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016), as well as the 2015 film Gangnam Blues. With all this work as an artist, Lee admits that the long hours and overuse of makeup began damaging his skin. Luckily, he became the face of one of Korea’s top natural beauty brands, Innisfree, which he says has inspired him to work harder on his skincare. He especially adores Innisfree’s Green Tea Seed Serum and the Volcanic Pore Clay Mask.


Seo In Guk

seo-in-guk-ceci-magazine-october-2015-photoshoot-fashion korean male celebs
Seo In Guk in a Ce Ci magazine spread.


It seems nearly all of us fell in love with Seo In Guk in the 2016 drama Shopaholic Louis. Aside from his undeniable talent, this singer and actor is known for his full lips, killer cheekbones, and (of course) his unbeatable complexion. He recently revealed his personal skincare secret: foam cleanser. And I mean lots of foam cleanser. When applying the product, Seo apparently uses six to seven pumps to ensure every inch of his face is covered. (Why do you need a foam cleanser? Read about it here.) We recommend Tony Moly’s Floria Nutra Energy Foam Cleanser or SanDaWha’s Green Tea Milk Foam Cleanser made especially for men.


Eric Nam

ERic Nam primera korean male celebs


In 2011, Eric Nam graduated from Boston University with a degree in International Studies. But in a blink of an eye, his life turned towards entertainment after his YouTube cover grabbed the attention of the Korean network MBC. After appearing on Birth of a Great Star 2, he was catapulted into fame. Recently, Nam joined forces with the eco-friendly cosmetic brand, Primera, to advertise a personal favorite of his, the Alpine Berry Watery Cream. In an interview with Refinery29, he admitted to having incredibly dry skin, and a water-based cream is great for hydrating without a heavy, sticky feel.


Song Joong Ki

Top Ten Korean male celebs
Top Ten


Although Song Joong Ki starred in a number of popular dramas, his lead role in the 2016 drama Descendants of the Sun was a major hit in Korea and made him a highly sought-after celeb throughout Asia. Of course, the question on everyone’s mind was how Song Joong Ki managed to keep such a baby face at the age of 30. Apparently, he has quite a number of secrets to maintain his healthy complexion: He washes his face with milk, avoids heaters that can dry out his skin, uses sunscreen every day, and often uses sheet masks. One look at his skin and you too will be convinced you need It’s Skin Moisture Daily Mask Sheets.


What male celeb do you think deserves to be  on this list? Let us know and keep an eye out for part II of this article!




From Diamonds to Wires, How to Get Korea’s Hottest Nail Trends

unistella gold nail2 banner2 nail trends

The nail trends everyone’s following come not just from Korea but from one nail salon in Korea: Unistella. Try these DIY nail art looks inspired by the mastery of Unistella founder Eun Kyung Park.



Even if you’ve never heard of Eun Kyung Park, you’ve probably already seen her work. Founder of the famed Unistella salon in Seoul’s tony Cheongdam neighborhood, Park found herself featured in Teen Vogue, Refinery29 and Marie Claire, all within the last few months. As it turns out, South Korea is not only taking the lead when it comes to beauty and music, they’re also calling the shots when it comes to nail trends.


unistella gold nail2 cropped nail trends
Instagram @nail_unistella


It started with the shattered glass nail trend from a few years back (which was started by Park, natch). That morphed into the popular diamond nails, which fed off the beautysphere’s obsession with all things hologram-inspired. But her most recent creation is the stunning gold bar or 24K nails. It’s really no surprise that the manicurist genius has over 200k followers on Instagram.


But what about those of us who can’t jet off to Korea to drop into Unistella? While we may not be able to get our nails done by Park herself, there’s no stopping us from trying to achieve the looks at home. Get ready to be inspired with Korea’s top nail looks for 2017.


Wire Nails


wire nails nail trends
Instagram @nail_unistella


Yup, you read that correctly. One of the sleekest and most polished looks in Korea is the wire nail trend. Happy to say goodbye to chipped nails, Marie Claire proclaimed that these are the go-to nails of the future. This look is only for the handiest of do-it-yourselfers, which requires twisting thin wire into shape, applying it on clear gel nail polish, and curing it under UV light. Make the wire pop against a black matte background with 3CE Matte Top Coat.


Cuticle Cuffs


cuticle cuffs nail trends
Instagram @nail_unistella


Who knew that reversing the French tip could be so chic? The cuticle cuff is exactly what it sounds like — a gold cuff along the nail closest to the cuticle. With or without a contrasting nail color, the cuticle cuff looks super glamorous. But unlike the French manicure, you don’t need a steady hand to get that curve just so. Just use these Innisfree Eco Nail Henna Stickers for an easy DIY.


High Heel Nails


high heel nails nail trends
Instagram @nail_unistella


We simply can’t take our eyes off this unique look. This trend uses negative space in a completely new way, and we’re in love. (Bonus points for adding a tiny cuticle “choker” at the base of the “high heel.”) Perfectly straight lines are key here, so use scotch tape to keep lines sharp or cheat with A’Pieu My Nailist Line Sticker in Gold.


Nail Tattoos


tattoo nails nail trends
Instagram @nail_unistella


Let your inner child rejoice! Nail tattoos are back and better than ever. Let these dainty images show off your fun side. The best part is that nail tattoos are super easy to do — just get some nail stickers and apply to a couple fingernails on each hand.


Color Block


color block nail trends


We’ve always loved colorful nails, but this new color block trend is elevating our appreciation to new heights. A skillful mix of muted and vibrant shades, both vertically and horizontally, color block nails are sure to get a few double takes. Again, nail tape or nail stickers are key here. Try Missha Gelatic Nail Polish for that perfect pop of color.


What nail trends are you loving right now?

You Need to Know These 10 Global K-Beauty Gurus

k-beauty gurus

A true testament to the power of K-beauty? How many aficionados there are around the world, from Paris to Phuket. Here, just a few of the many, many out there.



Over the years, K-beauty has become a worldwide phenomenon. In fact, some of the most skilled enthusiasts of Korean cosmetics and skincare don’t even come from South Korea. Today, there are online beauty bloggers everywhere sharing their knowledge of Korean products and making it accessible for those of us who can’t read the Korean labels. These bloggers have become a key element in spreading the popularity of K-beauty, and I simply love them for it. Here, in no particular order, is my list of some of my fave K-beauty gurus from around the world.


1. Memorable Days — The Netherlands


memorable days aboutme k-beauty gurus


Just take a peek at beauty and fashion blogger Elisa’s Instagram feed, and you’ll be sure to fall in love. Elisa began her blog in 2012 as a passion project, and she now has a career working with various fashion and beauty companies. Best of all, she even has an entire tab dedicated to Korean beauty reviews.


2. Amy Hayden — Paris, France


amy hayden k-beauty gurus


Although Hayden only recently began her blog in 2014, she’s already gathered over 20K followers on Instagram, proving she’s a force to be reckoned with. Perfect for animal lovers looking for a beauty guru, Hayden is a proud vegan and never uses animal-based ingredients in her cosmetics. Check out one of her latest blogs, 12 Korean Skincare Products for People in Their Late Twenties.


3. The Beauty Wolf — Montreal, Canada


Coco Park k-beauty gurus


Coco Park, the former makeup artist, certified esthetician, and founder of the blog The Beauty Wolf, clearly knows her stuff. In 2015, she co-wrote Korean Beauty Secrets: A Practical Guide to Cutting-Edge Skincare & Makeup. Now this self-described “freelance writer and mom” focuses her time on everything from beauty product reviews to skincare guides.


4. The Wanderlust Project — Phuket, Thailand


sheryll wanderlust k-beauty gurus


Born and raised in California, Sheryll Donerson has also called Alabama, Florida, South Korea, Vietnam, and, for the longest time, the idyllic beachside destination of Phuket home (though she’s just returned to the States recently). Admitting to a major obsession with skincare, Sheryll proves that any skin tone can rock Korean beauty. Be sure to check out her entire tab dedicated to Korean cosmetics.


5. Fifty Shades of Snail — California


jude chao k-beauty gurus


Jude Chao, author of popular Asian beauty skincare blog Fifty Shades of Snail, admits that she didn’t start taking skincare seriously until her 30s. “My skin isn’t perfect by any means,” she writes. “But it’s in better shape than when I was in my 20s. That has made me happier and more confident than I was before. That’s the real benefit of all this skincare stuff.” Her super in-depth reviews and down-to-earth writing voice has garnered the attention of over 23,000 followers on Instagram.


6. Ryanraroar — Singapore


ryanroar k-beauty gurus


I will be the first to admit that Ryan Sim — who boasts over 8,000 followers on Instagram — has a much better grasp of K-beauty products than I do. The male beauty blogger primarily focuses on detailed product reviews and helpful videos for you to follow along.


7. Pony Makeup — South Korea


pony taylor swift k-beauty gurus
YouTube: PONY Makeup


Of course, I can’t write a post about Korean makeup without including at least one guru from South Korea. I’ve chosen none other than Hye-Min Park, the famed beauty guru who has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and 3.1 million followers on Instagram. Oh, and did I mention that she’s CL’s makeup artist, authored a number of beauty books, and has her very own makeup line?


8) Adoredee — England


adoredee k-beauty gurus


Deborah’s blog, Adoredee, has a little something for everyone. “I write all sorts of things here,” she says in her blog introduction. “About movies I’ve seen, food I’ve eaten, places I’ve been, and the goop that I put on my face.” And by “goop,” you can bet she’s talking about beauty and skincare products, which she writes about every Friday. Deborah often does detailed reviews on top Korean products and gives solid advice for enthusiasts with darker skin.


9) Mizuchan — Malaysia


mizuchan k-beauty gurus


Malaysian beauty blogger Mizu has been running her blog Mizuchan since 2010. A quick visit to her site will reveal long and detailed reviews on some of the most popular Korean beauty products as well as high quality images. She was featured in a Buzzfeed article about life-changing skincare products where she spoke on Kao Biore Makeup Remover Perfect Oil, and she was featured in a Popsugar article that listed top Asian beauty bloggers.


10) Fanserviced-b — NYC


fanserviced-b k-beauty gurus


While occasionally writing about makeup and hair care, the primary focus of Tracy’s blog is skincare. Specifically, she writes about anti-acne Korean skincare products. Tracy admits that her skin changed drastically in her late 20s as she began to experience hormonal acne. Now she does mini reviews, shares skincare routines, and posts info on beauty deals for those going through a similar experience. And with over 10,000 followers on Instagram, it’s clear that many people do relate to her story.


Who’s your favorite K-beauty blogger or vlogger?


Images from the respective blogs

These Etude House CF Queens Make Us Want to Live in Pink and Sparkles


From Jun Ji Hyun and Song Hye Kyo to Park Shin Hye and Krystal, Etude House has always had its pulse on the hottest Korean celebs to represent its irresistibly cute beauty brand. Watch its evolution through the years with these fun CFs.



If you’re even remotely interested in Korean beauty, you’ve likely heard of the popular brand Etude House. Although the company itself was established in 1985 (under a different name), Etude House Seoul didn’t launch until 2005. To say it was a success in Korea would be an understatement. In just two years, 100 brand stores were opened, and by 2009, there were over 200. This success led to the opening of stores in Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, and Japan. Today, Etude House is one of the top Korean beauty brands in the world.


So how did Etude House reach its fame? Aside from quality products, affordability, and adorable packaging that makes us want to empty our entire savings account, Etude House is quite magnificent with their marketing. A big part of this has to do with their carefully selected spokespersons over the years. Get ready to feel even more temptation with these Etude House CF Queens.


Jun Ji Hyun

By choosing Jun Ji Hyun as their model and spokesperson from 1999 to 2000, Etude House proved they have an eye for picking successful artists. Jun Ji Hyun went on to star in My Sassy Girl (2001), one of the highest-grossing Korean comedy films of all time. More recently, she starred in the hit dramas My Love From Another Star (2014) and The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016), solidifying her position as a top hallyu star.



Song Hye Kyo

song hye kyo etude house


You may recognize Song Hye Kyo from Full House (2004) or Descendants of the Sun (2016). Or perhaps you saw her before she reached global fame in these Etude CFs back in the early 2000s. Sure, the makeup trends may be dated, but Song Hye Kyo was as cute as ever.



Go Ara

go ara etude house


In 2006, at the age of 16, Go Ara was chosen as the youngest model ever for Etude House. She danced alongside Jang Geun-Suk in a 2008 CF and looked like an absolute pro. It’s no wonder she has gone on to become a popular CF spokesperson for brands like AmorePacific’s Lirikos, Canon, Bausch & Lomb, Shilla Duty Free, and LG.



Park Shin Hye

park shin hye etude house


What don’t we love about Park Shin Hye? Best known for her roles in You’re Beautiful (2009), Heirs (2013), and Pinocchio (2014), Park was ranked eighth in Forbes’ Korea Power Celebrity list in 2010 and 12th in 2017. Sure enough, Etude House recognized her appeal early on, and in 2009, Park Shin Hye and fellow A-list celeb Lee Min-ho (The Legend of the Blue Sea) became the official faces of the brand. You’re Beautiful fans are sure to appreciate this adorable BB compact CF starring both Park Shin Hye and Jang Geun-Suk (Jackpot).




Over the years, the members of the recently disbanded girl group 2NE1 have proven that they are all individually talented, but we still love watching them together. Showing how entertaining they are in all circumstances, this CF shows what happens when Sandara Park discovers she is out of her favorite lash serum.




krystal etude house
Korean dramas may be able to sell out lipsticks, but it only takes Krystal a few minutes to get us hooked during these liquid lip CFs. Although Krystal is best known for being a member of girl group f(x), her acting skills truly shine. It’s no wonder she is still currently the official Etude House spokesperson.



Who’s your favorite Etude House CF model of all time?


7 Lip Colors That Sold Out Thanks to Korean Dramas

lip colors w2beauty sold out lipsticks resized BANNER

In addition to late-night binge-watching sessions and constant cravings for scalding hot bowls of ramen, Korean dramas have a knack for whipping up a shopping frenzy for the latest lip colors worn by their stars. Here are seven times that’s happened — and where you can get them now.



Even if you’ve never watched a Korean drama yourself, you probably know more than a handful of people who are obsessed with them. Just last week, my own mother — who has spent her life staying far, far away from spicy food — told me she was suddenly craving kimchi. The reason for her change in food preference? She and her friends just binge-watched yet another K-drama and the heroine happened to be eating kimchi in just one scene. (Talk about advertising.) Though her addiction to the world of tear-filled episodes and men with gorgeous skin has only recently begun, she has been consuming as many K-dramas as she can get her hands on. And while many of us were introduced to Korean dramas years ago, having my mom and all her friends suddenly take on the addiction with such a passion made me realize that K-dramas are not only alive and well, they’re still expanding their reach.


sold out lipsticks resized lip colors


And if K-dramas can get my mom to eat something spicy, I’m convinced they could market absolutely anything. Of course, I wasn’t the only one who recognized this. Many beauty brands, for instance, have reaped the benefits of this global audience. Just look at these seven lip products that flew off the shelves thanks to an appearance on a Korean drama.


1. YSL Rouge Pur Couture #52 Rosy Coral in My Love From Another Star


jun ji hyun lip colors love from star
Jun Ji Hyun in My Love From Another Star.


It should come as no shock to see this lipstick at the top of the list. My Love From Another Star was a worldwide sensation, and as the popular series progressed, fans everywhere were trying to guess the product that gave Jun Ji Hyun’s superstar character her vibrant lip color. When the Internet began buzzing that the product was YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture #52 Rosy Coral, the color sold out immediately. (This despite the fact that show reps asserted that the lipstick was actually a mix of two Iope lip colors.) The Rosy Coral shade was reportedly unavailable worldwide for months.


2. Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar in Descendants of the Sun


LANEIGE Song Hye Kyo Descendants of the Sun No. 13 Orange Blurring cropped lip colors
Song Hye Kyo in Descendants of the Sun.


Not only was the 2016 K-drama Descendants of the Sun a worldwide hit, so was the lipstick featured prominently on its star, Song Hye Kyo: The Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar completely sold out just four days after its release on the popular Chinese shopping site 11th Street. Sure, Song may have only worn it for one scene in Descendants, but it managed to break sales records in South Korea. Its popularity skyrocketed, and Laneige ended up hosting a makeup event on its homepage entirely devoted to the drama. 


3. Mamonde Creamy Tint in Pinocchio


park shin hye lipstick pinocchio lip colors
Park Shin Hye in Pinocchio.


It’s safe to say that Park Shin Hye knows exactly how to rock Mamonde products. After all, she became an official endorser of the brand in 2014. When she was seen trying two shades of Mamonde’s Creamy Tint in the 2014-15 drama Pinocchio, the tinted lip crayon quickly became a must-have.


4. Hera Sheer Holic Pop Tint in Kill Me, Heal Me


Ji Sung in Kill Me, Heal Me. lip colors
Ji Sung in Kill Me, Heal Me.


Ji Sung was rightfully praised for his performance as a man whose traumatic past causes him to have seven distinct personalities. One of his most memorable personalities was certainly Ahn Yo Na, a young girl who had both a bold personality and — as many viewers were quick to point out — a lip color just as bold. Ji Sung pulled off the look so well that many fans wanted HERA Sheer Holic Pop Tint for themselves.


5. Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro 300 in It’s Okay, That’s Love


gong hyo jin lipstick lip colors
Gong Hyo Jin in It’s Okay, That’s Love.


Talk about trendsetting! Although It’s Okay, That’s Love was released in 2014, Gong Hyo Jin still tops many lists when it comes to favorite K-drama makeup looks for pulling off this orange lip color. Her must-have product? Giorgio Armani Lip Maestro 300.


6. Seatree Art Matt Kiss Lipstick 03 Gorgeous Red in Jang Bo-Ri Is Here!


lee yoo ri lipstick lip colors
Lee Yoo Ri in Jang Bo-Ri is Here!


You know you’ve got yourself a winner when most fan discussions of the show are based on the lip color worn by actress Lee Yoo Ri. Of course, we don’t blame them. The Matt Kiss Lipstick in 03 Gorgeous Red by Korean cosmetics brand Seatree Art is (as the name suggests) absolutely gorgeous with its velvety matte texture and long wear.


7. Hera Rouge Holic in 147 Supreme Pink in The Legend of the Blue Sea


jun ji hyun hera lip colors
Jun Ji Hyun in The Legend of the Blue Sea.


Of course, we can’t finish this roundup without returning to the queen of sold-out lip colors, Jun Ji Hyun. In her latest hit drama, The Legend of the Blue Sea, she donned a bright pink-orchid shade that fans couldn’t get enough of. Allure Korea took to Instagram to confirm that the shade was a mix of two lip colors from Korean brand Hera: Rouge Holic in 147 Supreme Pink with a swipe of Sensual Lip Serum Glow in 1 Love Blossom on top for a mermaid-worthy gloss. Needless to say, both quickly sold out. (But W2Beauty has them!)


Have you ever been moved to buy a lipstick (or any other product, for that matter) by a Korean drama? Start the conversation below!


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